Logistics Lead Gen



A large global logistics company was looking target an elusive, high-value prospect list. Each prospect had been unresponsive to marketing and sales efforts for over one year.


After researching the database and determining a common pain-point among the targets, a two-step, multi-channel campaign was developed including a three dimensional mailer, an incentive offer to take a meeting, landing pages to track responses, and sales follow up to develop the account.

The messaging focused on the company’s ability to “Listen and Respond”, and to highlight the message, an Amazon Echo was used as the incentive. Prospects would receive the incentive if they met with an company rep.


The initial campaign, targeting 50 prospects, generated seven sales opportunities. Each prospect had a potential sales value of at least $50K/mo. The potential ROI could be dramatic.

The sales and marketing teams were very pleased with the results and are planning future campaigns.