Print Solutions

More than just envelopes. Clients want a print partner who can provide them with the best combination of affordable price, exceptional quality and reliable delivery. Worcester Envelope Company can satisfy any print job with access to many print solutions.

One of our print solutions is proprietary to Worcester Envelope - we call it FLEX 8. FLEX 8 is a higher value print solution utilizing software-controlled printing processes to create truly spectacular images faster and less expensive than other print solutions.





Haptics is the science of touch: How the things we touch shape the way we feel. Touch is the primary way people send and receive information and scientists have shown people understand and remember what they read on paper better than what they read on a screen. The paper’s thickness and feel is the differentiator.1

Brands that have effectively tapped into the Haptic Brain excite the primary sense of touch through printed marketing material and packaging.

Driving brand awareness and making sure consumers remember your brand has never been easier using enhanced printing techniques to create spectacular and memorable printed marketing material and packaging. Printed materials can also be used to excite the senses with colors and smells and shapes. Link printed materials with videos and augmented reality using a QR code and you can also excite the hearing sense, further strengthening awareness and memory of the marketing message.

1. Ferris Jabr, “Why the Brain Prefers Paper”, Scientific American

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