The other part of the project. Creating an impactful print and mail campaign is just the first part of the project. It then needs to get into the hands of the recipient. This requires the coordination of designers, material suppliers, print houses, fulfillment centers and others in the supply chain.

Worcester Envelope Company offers clients a customized logistics solution, with inventory management resources, product storage in a 50,000 square foot, 4,500 pallet warehouse, and a fleet of trucks with professional, courteous drivers.

Worcester Envelope can offer an astounding array of customizable applications that fit your specific data requirements. From Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration to a custom catalog of corporate items, we can create a truly easy and unique experience that is personalized to your needs.

EDI integration

Third-party solutions, such as Ariba and Printworks

Summary invoicing

Online catalogs with corporate specific items

Inventory Release

Inventory tracking

Online proofing

Warehouse integration

Status Updates

Freight tracking

Manufacturing order status and tracking

Electronic shipment notification

Worcester Envelope can take the stress out of your supply chain logistics.

Contact us and let one of our print and mail professionals help you improve your marketing ROI and reduce stress by incorporating logistics support with highly impactful campaigns.