Worcester Envelope is a custom envelope manufacturing company.  It is our belief that “custom” means unique, with no two client specifications being the same.   Our customer experience portals, print, paper, packaging, labeling, palletizing, warehousing, billing, and logistics are options designed to meet your requests and requirements.


Whether you are looking for one envelope or tens of millions of envelopes, we have a large facility with an extensive equipment base to handle any volume, multiple features, as well as rapid delivery.

Today's market is asking for multiple versions per order.  We have designed a machine base to respond to your demands.  This allows you to offer multiple options to your customer.

Print Technology

Flex8 – A unique print capability to Worcester Envelope is Flex8 printing. This process allows for careful reproduction of high-end printing at an affordable price and quick delivery. Your clients will not know the print method used, nor should they care. We will provide a quality product at the highest level, or nothing at all.

Lithography – a proven industry standard in printing. We offer both flat sheet converting and converting from preprinted web rolls.

Digital – Is your need multiple versions in high color or variable data on the envelope? Digital is the only way to go!


Why stop at four colors when we have the ability to run five, six, seven, or even eight colors.   Taking a white sheet of paper and adding multiple ink colors will catch the consumers eye and entice them to open your offer


Uncoated – The most economically priced printing paper can also offer a regal and lasting impression when you use the right print or tactile addition.

Coated – While some companies shy away from this tricky converting paper, we love it!   Coated papers print so beautifully and accept the many coatings to change the tactile sensations.

Metalized – a truly unique and “eye catching” option.  In developing this sheet, an aluminum rod is vaporized onto a coated offset sheet , creating a shiny silver finish unparalleled  by any other technique.   We also have the ability to take it to the next level with custom hologram patterns.


One or many, windows in envelopes can be more than square or rectangular shapes.  The size and shape possibilities are endless.


TED-C stands for Trailing Edge Die Cut.  This newly adopted feature is approved by the USPS.  The “trailing edge” is always on the left and can hang out up to 5/8”.


We offer two styles of embossing: two dimensional and three dimensional.

Two-dimensional embossing is defined as two embossing layers; the base paper layer and the embossed layer.  This is a quick to order and low-cost solution for highly custom embossing.

Three-dimensional embossing is defined as three or more embossing layers (depths).  This type of embossing is used if you want to create a half-dome rising off the paper.  Three-dimension tools are expensive and can take weeks to order, however, we stock some overall designs that are popular without the expense or need to wait.

UV Coatings

Soft Touch, Gloss, Matte, Sand, Motion, Liquid Emboss

Available in December 2021

An envelope is the first impression you make with your customer. Make your envelopes stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impression. See our attention-grabbing options below.