Worcester Envelope Company was founded in 1893 and based in Worcester until 1978, when a sustained period of growth created the need for a new facility which was built in nearby Auburn. For four generations, Worcester Envelope has thrived by always focusing on the customer and coupling the hard work of our employees with the most advanced technology available. Today, Worcester Envelope Company continues its focus on customers, but provides so much more than envelopes. It provides print and mail solutions which helps their customers grow.

Customer care is the foundation. From the moment a client partners with Worcester Envelope, they are assigned a customer care team. This group of customer-focused sales, customer service and operations professionals continually strive to make sure it is easy to do business with us and provide a consistent level of customer service and product quality that the client can trust.

To make sure your sales order is processed as quickly and as accurately as possible, Worcester Envelope uses an advanced software system that quickly checks digital files for usability and tracks print proofs electronically. This enables shorter develop-proof-print cycle times giving customers more flexibility with the project schedule.

Finally, Worcester Envelope has a 135,000 square foot printing facility operated by seasoned print professionals. A computer-integrated print process coupled with years of expertise creates a more efficient and accurate production process. This gives Worcester Envelope customers piece of mind that they have put their trust in a proven print partner.

Contact us and let one of our print and mail professionals help you develop and produce highly impactful campaigns that will enhance your brand and drive business growth.

With over 125 years of industry experience, Worcester Envelope has the knowledge and technology to help you meet your goals.