Create A First Impression That Lasts

Today, an envelope is not just an envelope; it’s a first impression. When it comes to direct mail marketing, your envelope is the first impression your customer gets of your business, your customer service, the products you offer and the experience they’ll receive there. With so much on the line, you’re going to want to ensure the envelope that you use is one that leaves your customer with a tasteful opinion of your brand, and one that compels them to open the envelope and view the mailer inside.

Direct Mail Envelopes That Demand to be Opened

Envelopes_HeaderWith your direct mail marketing campaign, you are looking for a response or a reaction to the mail you send, and the only way that will happen is if they actually open your direct mail in the first place. If they throw it away without even opening the envelope, it’s a waste of your resources. To ensure that your mailer gets opened, it needs to be different from others in the pile of mail that they receive every day; it needs to stand out and catch their attention. In order to have your direct mail read and provide you with the return on investment that you’ve built into your marketing campaign, you need to take the time to create an envelope that will guarantee your letter is read, and not tossed with the other direct mail received. At Worcester Envelope Company, we have the tools and experience necessary to create an envelope that will break the mold of direct mail marketing.

The enormous amount of resources we have make it easy for us to provide you with one-of-a-kind envelopes that catch attention and demand to be opened. It’s in our name; this is how we got our lease on life over 100 years ago. As you will see, we have grown to be so much more, but we never forget our roots. Our envelope capabilities are endless.

The Benefits of Working With Worcester Envelope Company

We manufacture more than 20 million envelopes every single day, meaning that no order or project is too big for us to take on. The papers that we utilize range from a light 16# to a heavy, 10-point board stock, allowing for you to find the range that you need to create a successful campaign. A few of the other services that we offer include:

Take Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign to the Next Level

Every year, 44 percent of all direct mailers get thrown away before they’re even opened. The fact is that businesses are spending way too much money on advertisements that just get thrown away rather than actually read and acted on. With today’s competitive market, businesses need to be smart about each and every dollar they spend, and when you take advantage of the custom printed envelopes from Worcester Envelope, you can rest assured that more of your mailers will be opened and read. In short, we’ll help you make your direct mail campaign leaner, meaner and more profitable. Best of all, because we offer free product quotes, you can get a preview of what we have to offer at no cost or risk to you!

Are you ready to increase your open rate and make more out of your direct mail campaign? Don’t wait. Contact our experts online today to get your free product quote!

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