The Fastest Printed Impression You Can Make


We produce high volume, self mailable post cards to convey your message quickly. We only have moments to connect with a customer and to create a reaction. Make your moments with 4 over 4 printing.
The benefits of a Postcard grow daily and we see more and more in our own mailboxes.
*Instant gratification. In an online world, people expect information and entertainment on the spot. This happens to be a major strength of postcards, since they require no download time. A well-executed postcard telegraphs your message faster than the fastest-loading website.

*Economy. If you follow the news, you probably know that economic troubles are afoot, but it doesn’t take a recession to enjoy saving money. With postcards, you avoid the costs of printing, addressing, matching and inserting multiple pieces.

*Natural immunities. Postcards reach their intended destination. Unlike e-mail, they aren’t subject to spam filters, opt-outs or blacklisting.

*Versatility. The Internet makes it possible for postcards to succeed in areas once deemed beyond their reach, such as fundraising and mail-order selling. Postcards are proving adept at capturing interest and then sending people on to websites where they can complete transactions.

*Relevance. Don’t be fooled by the shift of personal communications to instant messaging, tweeting and e-mailing. Direct mail advertising remains a powerful force. In fact, a U.S Postal Service® survey shows that 74 percent of Generation X and 68 percent of Generation Y direct mail receivers read retail advertising mail.

*October 28, 2010 | by Steve Cuno, Deliver Magazine