Peel to reveal what’s inside


When a client asked that consumers be able to open door number one to see what they had won, Worcester Envelope Company responded with what we now call, a “peek-a-boo.” We are able to manufacture a one to eight color patch placed inside of an envelope so the consumer sees the message when they interact with the perforated panel embedded into the envelope. Not only is this a unique idea to incorporate into your direct mail marketing, but it’s interactive! With this tactic, you’ve already caught the attention of your customer while also getting them to interact with the mail that you’ve sent tPeekaboo_Examplehem.

Dental Floss Included In Direct Mail Marketing


Dental floss is the best way to describe what this product looks like. We apply it on the inside of the envelope to allow your consumer to interact with an easy opening message.

This string-opening device can be applied to the left or right side of the envelope, and can be manufactured on envelopes ranging in size from a 3” x 5” to a 7” x 12”.

Interactive envelopes have proven to show higher response rates. When you only have seconds to engage with your customers, it’s essential that you make them count.

Please Recycle

Paper-based communication has been renewed!


Paper is a renewable crop that is responsibly forested in the United States. Today, more trees stand than over 100 years ago. Promote responsibility by reminding your customer to “Please Recycle.” This logo is available free for you to use on any of your printed products.

Worcester Envelope Company Supports the “Please Recycle” Campaign

Auburn, MA – Worcester Envelope Company announced that it is supporting an industry-wide recycling program entitled, “Please Recycle.” The company will begin printing the “Please Recycle” logo on all of its recyclable envelopes, cartons and packages to encourage customers and mailers to recycle them after its use.

“Most people know that newspapers are recyclable, but they don’t know that some envelopes and packaging are recyclable,” said Derek Waterhouse, Vice President.

The “Please Recycle” campaign is sponsored by the Envelope Manufacturers Association (EMA) in conjunction with the Direct Marketing Association and the Magazine Publishers Association. These organizations recently received the endorsement by the Environmental Protection Agency to include these recycling messages on their products.

“The paper industry has committed to an overall goal of recovering 55 percent of the total paper we produce and the Envelope Manufacturers Association joins in that goal. Our ‘Please Recycle’ initiative is aimed at encouraging our customers to assist us in recovering more used mail for recycling through existing municipal waste streams and in recovering our packaging materials through similar waste collection systems. Our goal is to manage our resources wisely for future generations,” said EMA President and CEO Maynard Benjamin.

Worcester Envelope Company is a member of the Envelope Manufacturers Association. “We are proud to be a part of an organization that supports environmental stewardship and is proactively promoting its environmental initiatives,” said Derek Waterhouse, Vice President.

Crazy Windows


Not those windows, the kind that we put into your envelopes. They do not need to be square. The way we manufacture the tooling to cut out your window shape allows us to create an endless amount of shapes and sizes.

Essentially, the tooling is manufactured directly from an art file in a similar fashion as printing plates are made. You purchase a window by the square inches of material, so, if you were using a 1 x 4 square window (4 square inches) your customized shaped window (if less than 4 square inches) is the same price.

Don’t be normal, get crazy with your direct mail and the different ways that it’s delivered. You aren’t the only company that is marketing, especially when it comes to direct mail. Be creative, stand out in the mail and give yourself the chance of a return in investment by taking the time to discover innovative and interactive ways to get your customers involved. If you’ve got an direct maail marketing idea that you’d like to try and implement, speak with a member of the Worcester Envelope Company and let us do our best to create it.