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Some people believe that email marketing has rendered direct mail marketing unnecessary or outdated, but savvy business owners know just how effective a targeted direct mail marketing campaign can be. However, the most effective direct mail campaigns require the right kind of envelopes. After all, the envelope is really what makes the first impression on each and every person who receives your mailers, and it has to convince them that it’s worth their time to open it. At Worcester Envelope Company, we’re excited to say that, when it comes to direct mail envelopes, no other company can provide higher quality custom printed envelopes, especially at the kind of rates that we offer. However, providing you with the right envelopes is just one of the many services we can provide for you.

Find the Delivery and Storage Solutions You Need With Worcester Envelope Company


Having the envelopes you need is just one part of making your direct mail marketing campaign a success. And, when all of those envelopes get to you, you have to figure out what to do with them. If you have the space in your facility, the best solution may just be to store your envelopes on-site, but for most companies, this simply isn’t a viable option. The good news is that Worcester Envelope Company is here to save the day. In addition to printing next-level envelopes for your campaign, we’ll also help you sort out the logistics.

At Worcester Envelope Company, we manage a 4,500 pallet warehouse, as well as a fleet of trucks. With us, you’ll have an abundance of delivery and storage options at your disposal. 

Within our fleet, there are several different sizes of vehicles you can choose from. This helps to ensure that we have the right vehicle for your delivery. At the end of the day, our number one goal is to ensure that all deliveries run smoothly and efficiently, no matter your location or building access. Of course, many of our clients choose to pick up their owners themselves, use common carriers, as well as FedEx and UPS, and that is 100 percent alright with us. 

Our computer-controlled, FIFO-operated, pick system warehouse ensures that we have what it takes to maximize your purchase by running longer production runs and shipping on your schedule. There’s no need to flood your storage facilities and production floor with product that you will not be using right away. Ask us about our ship and bill on-demand programs.

Regardless of whether you take advantage of our delivery and storage options or not, we want to ensure that you have plenty of options. With Worcester Envelope Company, receiving your business envelopes is always painless and stress-free.

Get the Logistics Support You Need With Worcester Envelope Company

From printing high-quality envelopes to delivery and storage, Worcester Envelope Company is ready and able to provide you with the direct mail solutions you need to make the most out of your campaign. Contact us today to learn more! 

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