Flex 8 Printing Allows You To See The Whole Picture


Every print buyer loves the look of traditional offset printing, but prefers the cost of Flexography. You, as a consumer of print, are under constant pressure to purchase printed media at lower costs while achieving the most efficient delivery. Until now, the best solution was to contract with a printer that used Flexography for printing. While modern Flexography has improved over the years, there are still sacrifices in image quality, especially when cost is a factor. Our creative departments don’t always get the image they envisioned when a printer uses Flexography and most would prefer to print with traditional offset lithography. That’s why we have developed Flex8.

Flex8 is the newest form of printing, and it never disappoints. This revolutionary form of printing in allows for you to achieve lower costs, faster deliveries, and all without sacrificing your image. Images produced using Flex8 can be identical in quality to Lithography but are offered at a similar price and delivery as Flexography when using our recommended papers and images. So what did we do?

Worcester Envelope Company, using state of art Flexographic printing presses, developed a proprietary set of software, standards, and processes to create truly spectacular images. Our unique process has been developed, over the last 5 years, in house, allowing us full control over images. We have printed many orders that industry experts have difficulty identifying as to which print method has been used.

What to expect with Flex8 printing:

  • 20-30% less expensive over Lithography
  • No sacrifice of image quality*
  • Multiple uncoated/coated substrates available from plastics to heavy board stock
  • All printed under one roof equals fast delivery and high quality control Exclusive process

*We encourage the use of high quality substrates to ensure the highest quality print.