Most of us don’t think twice about the envelopes we choose, but when you’re investing in direct mail marketing, the right envelopes can make all of the difference in your campaign. With Worcester Envelope Company on your side, you’ll have everything you need to create envelopes that prompt action.

Did you know that the average American household receives around 848 pieces of junk mail every year? The fact of the matter is that we are inundated with mail each and every day, and if you’re utilizing direct mail marketing in your business, it means that you have some competition. Direct mail marketing is still an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but in order to get the biggest return on your investment, your envelopes have to stand out.

Your direct mail envelopes can make or break your campaign.

In a perfect world, consumers would read every last advertisement and mailer they receive, but unfortunately, that’s just doesn’t happen. In reality, 44 percent of the junk mail Americans receive goes straight into the garbage can without ever being opened. The fact is that you have one chance to make an impression on your readers in your direct mail marketing campaign, and that’s your envelope. No matter how enticing the offer is inside, if no one opens your direct mail envelopes, no one will act on that offer. The direct mail envelopes you use can make or break your campaign, and when you work with the experts at Worcester Envelope Company, you’ll have more options than ever before for creating envelopes that demand to be opened.

Take your campaign to the next level with custom printed envelopes.

When it comes to your direct mail marketing campaign, envelopes are more than just envelopes, and when you work with the experts at Worcester Envelope Company, you can design envelopes that refuse to be ignored.

With Worcester Envelope Company on your side, the options are endless. Here are a few of the many reasons to choose our team for your custom business envelopes:

  • Flex8 Printing – We utilize our very own printing method, called Flex8 Printing, that allows us to provide you with the high-quality look of traditional, offset printing, but without the price tag.
  • Fast Delivery – Because we print all of our orders in-house, we can provide you with next-level precision and fast delivery.
  • Multiple Opening/Closing Options – When it comes to closing options, the sky’s the limit with Worcester Envelope Company. Whether you’re looking for strip to seal, string, self-seal, Ez-seal or traditional, we’ve got you covered.
  • Custom Windows – Square or rectangular envelope windows aren’t your only options with Worcester Envelope Company! We can create windows of any shape or size.
  • Logistics – In addition to helping to design and print envelopes that demand to be opened, we can also provide you with the logistical support you need. We have a fleet of trucks, as well as a 4,500 pallet warehouse, allowing us to meet your delivery and storage needs.

Get the custom printed envelopes you need today!

Although we’ve covered a few good reasons to choose Worcester Envelope Company, there are many, many more. Don’t risk having your mailers go unopened or thrown in the trash. Take the first step towards boosting your open rate with Worcester Envelope Company today! Contact us to get your free product quote!

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Think email marketing has replaced direct mail marketing? Think again.

It’s no wonder why so many companies are drawn to email marketing. After all, it’s cheap, and it has the ability to reach a wide range of people quickly and easily. There is no reason to buy postage or even envelopes with email marketing, but that doesn’t mean that you should ditch your direct mail campaign in favor of email!

We live in the digital age; there’s no disputing that. Instead of newspapers, we read the news on the internet or watch it on television. Instead of paper books, we read on our tablets and ereaders or listen to audiobooks. Instead of writing letters to stay in touch with friends and family, we send emails and texts or we post on social media. While living in the digital age has changed a lot of things, what it hasn’t changed is how effective direct mail can be. In fact, in the digital age, direct mail may be more effective than ever before!

When you compare direct mail marketing to email marketing, there’s no contest. It may come as a surprise to you, but direct mail marketing is so much more effective than email marketing. Here are five facts that will help you understand why direct mail is still so powerful today.

  1. Almost 80 percent of consumers will open a business mailer immediately, and only 45 percent of consumers will do so when they get a business email.
  2. Anywhere from 70 to 80 percent of consumers will open all of their mail, even if they consider it to be junk mail.
  3. Most Americans — a whopping 98 percent — check their mailbox every single day, whereas 39 percent will check their inbox every one to three days.
  4. Americans spend only about 20 seconds reading through their emails, but they’ll spend an average of 30 minutes reading their physical mail.
  5. Compared to email marketing, pay-per-click and print advertising, lead for lead, direct mail marketing is not only more effective; it’s more cost effective, too.

All direct mail marketing campaigns are not made equal.

There are so many reasons to invest your marketing dollars into a direct mail campaign, and by combining direct mail marketing with email marketing, you can make the most out of both! But that fact is that not all direct mail campaigns are made equal. The good news is that there are a lot of things you can do to make your stand out, starting with your envelopes, and Worcester Envelope Company can help!

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For your direct mail marketing campaign, envelopes are everything.

The mailer inside your envelope may seem like the most important aspect of your direct mail marketing campaign. After all, it’s what communicates your offer to your readers, and gives them instructions for how to act on that offer. However, if your reader never makes it past the envelope, it really doesn’t matter how professional or effective the mailer inside is, because your reader will never see it. The bottom line is, your direct mail marketing envelopes can make or break your campaign.

Amp up your envelopes with Worcester Envelope Company.

You shouldn’t leave your direct mail envelopes up to chance, especially when you consider the fact that direct mail marketing isn’t free. Learn how to make the most of your investment by amping up your envelopes with the experts at Worcester Envelope Company. Here are a few tips to help you design the perfect envelope.

  • #1. Think outside the box – The standard direct mail envelope is six by nine inches and rectangular. Most consumers are fully aware of this, and it’s not uncommon for them to simply throw these kinds of envelopes away without ever opening them. There are many shapes and sizes you can choose from for your envelopes, so think outside of the box, or in this case, outside of the standard, six-by-nine-inch, rectangular envelope!
  • #2. Get your readers involved – People are downright fidgety, and if you give them an opportunity to interact with your envelopes in a fun, new way, there’s a good chance they will take it. There are so many ways that you can make your envelopes more interactive, including peel-off stickers, zip-strips, unique windows, die-cuts, repositional notes and so much more.
  • #3. Use photos and illustrations – You’ve probably heard the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” While this may just be another cliché, it also happens to be true, especially when it comes to your direct mail envelopes. Including photos, illustrations and other graphics on your envelope is a great idea, and it gives your readers a sneak peek at what they might find inside the envelope.
  • #4. Pick textured paper – With so many other envelopes clogging up your readers’ mailboxes, anything you can do to make your envelopes stand out is a good thing, and one incredibly effective way to do this is by choosing textured paper for your envelopes. Textured envelopes can be especially effective because they feel and look different than other envelopes.
  • #5. Take advantage of the back flap – While we won’t tell you that your envelopes should be covered with text and images from front to back, there is one very important space that many businesses don’t take advantage of but should — the back flap. The back flap is the perfect place to put a call to action, and you’ll get bonus points if you add an involvement device there as well.
  • #6. Make it personal – There’s a reason why envelopes addressed to specific people are more effective than those addressed to “dear neighbor.” Not every reader will respond to the same offer, and if you can use the data you’ve gathered about your clients to personalize your offer, you can also use that data to personalize your envelopes, too.
  • #7. Make the most out of the hot spots – The “hot spots” on your envelopes are the places that draw the eye first, such as the postage, address and corner card. Lots of businesses overlook these hot spots, but they are great places to add call to actions, teaser copy, graphics or involvement devices.
  • #8. Be upfront about the benefits – Many companies don’t want to give too much information on the envelope, hoping their readers will open it to get to the meat of the offer inside. And, while your envelope shouldn’t be too repetitive or eliminate the need for the mailer itself, it should give your readers an incentive to actually open it. Provide your reader with clear-cut benefits on the envelope itself, with further instructions on the mailer inside on how to act on the offer to enjoy those benefits.
  • #9. Make your envelope lumpy – Give your readers something more than just an offer on a piece of paper inside your envelopes. Adding in small promotional items, like refrigerator magnets, calendars, CDs, candy and product samples, will make your envelopes lumpy, and also much more interesting to your readers. Including these kinds of items may cost more, but envelopes containing them are much harder to ignore and, therefore, more likely to be opened.
  • #10. Add a deadline – Putting a deadline on your envelopes adds a sense of urgency that prompts your reader to open your envelope now instead of just putting it a pile of mail that will be thrown out later. This is especially important if the offer you are sending has an expiration date. You want your reader to be able to act on the offer you send them, and if they wait until after the expiration date has come and gone to open the envelope, they can’t do that! So, make it clear that they only have a certain amount of time to act on the envelope itself.

Don’t take a chance with the wrong envelopes!

The envelopes you choose for your direct mail marketing campaign can have a huge impact on its success. But, luckily, with Worcester Envelope Company on your side, you’ll have what it takes to design envelopes that demand to be opened.

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