We have the Worcester envelopes you need to send as many letters as you can, so that you can experience the many benefits of letter writing.

Letter writing may not be an everyday occurrence, but it pays to make time out of your busy schedule to start writing letters again (or for the first time). If you haven’t already, check out our last blog to learn about the benefits of writing letters that we’ve already covered. Here are a couple more benefits of writing letter to your friends and family:

#5. Real Mail

If you are like most people, your mail typically consists of advertisements, credit card offers and stuff you ordered on Amazon. It used to be exciting to get mail, but since it mostly consists of junk, the mail has lost most of its zest. When you start writing letters, chances are, you’ll start getting letters back! When you get real mail, checking the mail becomes exciting once again!

#6. Make a Difference

Imagine how you would feel getting a random letter in the mail from someone special. At the very least, it would make your day, but in reality, it would probably make your week! Sending a letter will make your loved one feel really good.

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