You hired a designer, sent out professional and high quality mailers, but still aren’t seeing a return. You even used our Worcester Envelopes. One “small” detail may be keeping you from seeing a return on your investment and that is a response device.

A Response Device, It’s What You Need

A response device is anything sent with your direct marketing including a coupon, a request, or item that solicits a response from the recipient and is actually considered one of the most important aspects of direct marketing, because ultimately a prospective client and even a long time customer are asking one question when they see your mailer: Why should I care and what’s in it for me?

Keys for an Effective Response Device:

  • Make it interesting by knowing your audience. Know what draws them in.
  • Make it easy. Use clear, direct, language, and make a response effortless.
  • Make it official. Include the url for your website, a phone number, and an address so the customer can check out your business. Also, this makes your business look legitimate and the offer more attractive.  
  • Make it personal. Speaking in the first person using pronouns such as “we,” and ‘us” when speaking about your company assures the client that you are a company that values it’s customers personally.
  • Make it straightforward. Only include one offer or response card per envelope or mailer. Including more can confuse and may ultimately cause your custom designed Worcester envelopes and mailer to go in the trash.
  • Make it positive. Choose positive words and a positive incentive. Make it exciting!
  • Again, make it easy. Tell the recipient exactly what they need to do, clearly and concisely.

Bring in the Return

For mailing to an outside list, soliciting new customers, and clients, a 2 percent return is the average number, but for a list with customers or previous responders, you should expect a return several times higher. Don’t forget that the outside of an envelope is prime advertising space. Buy Worcester Envelopes to make the biggest impact on your target market! We sell the highest quality envelopes so you can run the most effective direct mail marketing campaign. Also, check out our logistics services and how it can work for you! If you’d like to learn more about our services, feel free to reach out to us or peruse our website.


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