printAn envelope used to be a vessel of our mail. Just a standard package that would get our letters, coupons and information out to the world. However, since the world of marketing has taken off, the images and words that go onto an envelope have become drastically more important. While the business sending the mail has to be something that the clientele is looking for initially, and the products or service offered ought to have some sort of quality, there are a lot of things that need to go into your direct mail envelope to make it worth opening.

Impeccable Printing

Plenty of printers can get the job done, but the quality of the printing needs to be outstanding. While you can easily choose to use an ink jet printer, or even a laser printer, your direct mail marketing requires a much higher quality of printer. At Worcester Envelope, we have the best technology used for printing. The Flex 8 printing that we use provides the highest quality of color and image printing possible, making it the absolute best on the market for your direct mail.

Informative & Intriguing Copy

You have a mere amount of seconds to get your customers attention. With such little time to get them interested, the weight behind the copy of your direct mail becomes drastically more important. Taking the time to determine what words will be informative and captivating in the smallest amount of copy, is something that needs to be worked through over time so that when it is printed, there is an extra boost of confidence in the campaign. The team that makes up Worcester Envelope Company has had years of experience in this field, and can provide insight as to where your copy is on the envelope, and what your best options are.


Direct mail requires multiple mailing attempts in order to be successful, which requires multiple ideas and designs. At Worcester Envelope Company, we offer variety; a variety of colors, sizes, fonts, designs and formats for you to incorporate into your personal marketing campaign. While it seems as though this would be a general expectation in regards to envelope manufacturers, it isn’t. Standard envelopes are a common option across the board, but when you have a concept that requires tools outside of the box, we’ve got you covered. Browse through the variety of options we offer to find the perfect fit for exactly what it is that you’ve imagined.

While there are plenty of envelope manufacturers that you could work with, there are few and far between that will provide you with the customer service, variety and quality that we do here at Worcester Envelope. We are driven by a passion for your success, and being able to utilize our creative minds, tools and experience to successfully create an envelope that will be suitable for your direct mail marketing campaign, is enough of a reward. If you are ready to get your direct mail marketing campaign started, don’t hesitate when it comes to working with us. We are excited to bring your ideas to life.