With direct marketing, there’s only so many words to grab the attention of your customer, meaning you need to use the right words, in the right way in order to get your direct mail, just right. That being said, most people have a difficult time figuring out which to focus on: the offer inside, or their brand. The truth is that this is going to differ from business to business. At Worcester Envelopes, we create custom envelopes for businesses and their direct mail marketing campaigns, but we’ve broken down the instances that each is suggest and why it is that way.

Instances where the brand is better than the business.

If your brand is not only well known, but popular and has a following, it’s better to sport the brand on your envelope than simply just the offer. The reason for this is that big brands are likely to seem more familiar, so the people that are receiving them, people that you should have filtered into a specific mailing list, will recognize the brand and see that this mail is something that they want to open. An example of this is Victoria Secret. They send out catalogs and coupons every month, and while you may not know what the coupons inside consist of, you always want to open them because you know you’ll benefit from the savings. If the offer was simply for 25% off a bra, your customers could open the mail and throw it away when it’s not the brand they use. Another scenario could leave with your mail going straight to the trash. Let you customers know who it is that’s sending them mail by emphasizing your brand on the envelope.

Instances where the business is better than the brand.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are times that it is better to emphasize the offer inside the mail than it is to show off your brand. This is usually the case for smaller businesses or brands that people aren’t especially familiar with. In these cases, the offer inside is what is going to draw attention to the mail. This method will still require filtering down to the specific demographic that you’re trying to reach, but in this attempt you should still end mailing your direct mail to individuals that are more likely to invest in the product or create a conversion. In these instances, the people that you’re sending this to may already have a brand that they’re loyal too, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be intrigued by yours. These are also the cases that you want to make sure have a great impression by your brand once they’ve taken advantage of the offer, so focusing on the appearance of your marketing campaign and the way you advertise the offer, becomes even more important.

When it comes to your custom business envelopes, count on them being something worth asking about. Worcester Envelope is the only option for direct mail marketing, and for good reason. Whether you’ve been around for years or are just starting up, we can make your innovative design a reality.