mouseThe internet has provided a form of convenience that has consumers wanting more, immediately. Whether it be information that they’re looking for, a reservation they’re trying to book or a brand new pair of shoes, the quicker the process, the better. While the internet most certainly provides the ease and accessibility that consumers want, the platforms that they are incorporated on are by no means easy. When it comes to E-Commerce, there are so many different plugins and tabs that control your online store and make it difficult to organize, that it becomes overwhelming and feels like you’ll never be able to fully understand it. At Worcester Envelope Company, we offer a service for E-Commerce known as EDI, which can be complex for individuals that haven’t had much experience with the platform in general. In this blog post, we want to break down the concept of EDI as well as how it can be beneficial to your business.

What is EDI?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. This is the exchange of documents, in an electronic format, from computer to computer. EDI is not only easily operated and organized, but it is also incredibly beneficial for businesses to use with one another. EDI helps reduce errors and cost by eliminating the need for the older methods of communication like fax and standard mail.

What can EDI do that I can’t?

When it comes down to it, EDI does everything that you’re likely already doing, just better. EDI will track both the release and tracking of your inventory as it is purchased and restocked, it will work with order status and shipping of your products, will help collaborate with any outside businesses that you’re working with, and more. While you may feel that you have a general idea of what you’re doing, and it’s working fairly well, EDI performs these tasks quickly, easily and efficiently, making the job drastically less stressful. It also reduces any chances of errors happening because it tracks everything so carefully.

At Worcester Envelope Company, we are always working on ways to improve our EDI program. If you’re looking for ways to improve your E-Commerce store, and feel as though you’re running out of options, try our EDI program. You will be surprised how much more prepared, organized and aware you’ll become with the EDI program.