Are your children writing letters to Santa this year?

If so, you’ll be glad to know that this is an incredible holiday tradition that comes with many benefits. If you haven’t already, check out our previous blog to learn about some of the top benefits of encouraging your children to send letters to Santa. Whether your child is writing to Santa to remind him of how good they’ve been this year or they want jolly Saint Nick to know exactly what they want for Christmas, they may need a little guidance when they write their letter. Here are a few tips to help when you sit down with your child to compose their letter to Santa this year:

#1. Create a rough draft.

A letter to Santa doesn’t have to be spelled correctly or grammatically perfect; in fact, those errors are what make Santa letters so endearing when you look back on them later in life. However, if your child creates a rough draft before composing the letter they want to send to Santa, they’ll be able to organize their thoughts and have a better idea of exactly what they want to say to Kris Kringle.

#2. Teach your child boundaries.

Chances are, your child is going to include some sort of wish list in their letter to Santa. This is perfectly normal, and it can even be beneficial when doing your Christmas shopping, but you don’t want to set the expectation that your child will get everything they ask for. Children often end up creating long, extravagant¬†wish lists when you leave them to their own devices, so it’s important to encourage them to focus on one or two things they really want; just make sure that the gifts they ask for are realistic. Lots of little girls will ask for ponies, but how many parents can actually buy one for their kids? It’s better to encourage them to make a list of items they could actually get.

#3. Encourage compassion.

Letters to Santa don’t have to be all about your child. In fact, they can be a great format for teaching your child a little compassion. Instead of having your child write down a list of what they want for Christmas; have them write out a Christmas wish list for a sibling, a friend or even someone they know who is less fortunate. After all, the holiday season is a time for giving, but unfortunately, that message often gets lost in the excitement of Christmas, and this is a wonderful way to reinforce what the season is actually about.

#4. Get crafty with it.

Your child doesn’t have to write a formal letter or a simple list; you can make the activity a lot of fun by utilizing some of their artistic skill. Have them include drawings in their letter of their family, the toys they want for Christmas and even of Father Christmas himself. It’s also fun to use crayons, markers and glitter to make the letter really stand out. Letters to Santa that include these extra artistic touches make keepsakes that are even more special and fun to look back on.

#5. Make it a learning opportunity.

In our previous blog about the benefits of encouraging your child to write a letter to Santa, we went over the developmental benefits of imagination. In addition to sparking your child’s imagination, writing a letter to Santa will also teach your kids how to write letters in general! This is a great opportunity to teach your child about what a letter should include, how to address a letter, where to put the stamp, how to write your return address, etc. Letter writing is a skill that not even many adults have anymore.

As we mentioned in our previous blog, there are so many great reasons to encourage your child to write a letter to Santa this year, but no matter why your child is writing the letter, the above tips can help to make it special. Here at Worcester Envelope Company, we are proud to be your premier source for envelopes, and we offer a huge selection to choose from. Get the envelope you need for your child’s letter to Santa when you shop our Worcester envelopes online today!