Finding the right image is just the first step towards using visual data effectively in your mailers.

Have you had a chance to read our latest blog? If you have, then you already know how important it is to include visual data in your direct mail marketing campaign, as well as how to find the right visual data and images. However, finding the right images is just the first step towards effectively using visual data in your mailers; it’s also essential that you know how to use those images properly. Here are a few tips from the experts at Worcester Envelope Company for using images in your mailers:

#1. Make the most out of your background.

Nothing will turn off a reader more than a mailer with a plain white background, and an image is a great option when you’re looking to make your background stand out. However, when choosing the image to put in the background of your mailers, try to choose something that is not overly busy or colorful. You don’t want the background image to distract from or overpower your message. It’s also important to lower the opacity of the background image, so that you can clearly read the branding and message over it.

#2. Be cautious when adding text over images.

The key to an effective business mailer is one that is not too plain and boring, but one that is also not overly busy. When you place an image behind your text, logo and other information, it can easily lead to a mailer that is complicated, busy and not so easy to read. As we mentioned above, one of the best way to ensure that your readers will actually be able to make out the text clearly is to lower the opacity of images you place in the background.

#3. Place your images using an image grid.

When you place images in your mailer, you don’t want to do so randomly or without having a plan in place. To cut down on the guesswork, we suggest using an image grid. Using an image grid can help you find the best opportunities to place your images, and it will make your mailers look more professional and less random.

#4. Purchase stock images or take your own.

In our last blog, we talked about how bad low-quality images can make your mailers look, but if you’re choosing images from a Google image search, this is likely your fate. The other issue with using images you find in a Google search is that it could get you into trouble. Images on Google are copyrighted, so you’re much better off purchasing some stock photography or taking images on your own. Regardless of whether you choose to take your own images or you’ve purchased stock photography, make sure that you are using an image¬†that is at least 300 dpi.

#5. Use your image as an attention-grabber.

Since the image is the first thing your readers will see in your mailer, the most effective way to use it is to grab attention and promote action. Using a (relatively) shocking image is a great strategy when you want to use your image as an attention-grabber. For example, if you own a plumbing company, you could use an image of a flooded bathroom to demonstrate the need to hire a plumber rather than doing it yourself. If you own a pest control company, you could use an image of a termite damage or an infestation of bed bugs to demonstrate what can happen when you wait too long to call an exterminator.

There are so many effective ways to use images in your mailers, and they can have a huge impact on how successful your campaign is. At Worcester Envelope, we know that, regardless of how good your mailers look, no one will ever see them if they throw them away before opening the envelopes. Maximize your campaign with our custom printed envelopes. Shop with us today!