Writing thank you notes after the holidays is a great way to express your gratitude, but there are certain rules that you should consider.

In our last blog, the experts who bring you Worcester envelopes went over the arguments for and against writing thank you letters for holiday gifts. While there is no rule of etiquette that dictates the need to write a holiday letter, it is still a very meaningful way to say thank you. If you do decide to write holiday letters, however, you may benefit from knowing a few helpful rules:

Rule #1. Write by hand and in pen.

Don’t settle for a thank you letter that you typed out on your computer or wrote with a pencil. Writing by hand takes time and focus, and it will show the person receiving the letter that you are so grateful that you are willing to take the time to write out your thanks. It’s also important to choose your writing utensil wisely. Pencil may seem like the best choice since you can erase and rewrite easily, but you should always write your final draft in pen. It simply looks better and is easier to read.

Rule #2. Mention the giver by name.

Regardless of why you are writing a thank you note, you should always mention the person you are thanking by name. It’s also essential that you double check the spelling of the person’s name. Your thank you letter will lose all of its special meaning if you don’t spell the name of the giver correctly!

Rule #3. Talk about the gift.

If you say, “Thank you for the amazing gift,” it doesn’t sound all that personal. However, if you say, “Thank you so much for the new coffee maker! I use it every morning,” you not only show that you are thankful for the specific gift, but that you are also using it! After all, every gift giver wants to know that their gift is not only appreciated, but that it’s also being used!


Rule #4. Regardless of how many gifts you received, one letter should suffice.

Did you get multiple gifts from the same person? If so, you may be glad to know that there is no reason whatsoever to send multiple thank you notes, no matter how many gifts you received. Instead, send one thank you note, making sure to mention all of the gifts that were given to you by name, as well as how you have used them or intend to use them.

Rule #5. What about gifts received in person?

Some people only send thank you letters for gifts they received through the mail or by courier. However, even if you received the gift in person and have already verbally told the giver thank you, you can still send a thank you letter. The fact of the matter is that thank you letters are never frowned upon by people who receive them, no matter how the gift was delivered. We all like to know that the gifts we’ve given are appreciated and getting used.

Rule #6. Don’t forget to edit your letter.

In most cases, if your thank you letter has multiple grammatical and spelling errors, it won’t erase the significance of the letter or the emotions attached, but it can be embarrassing for you, as the writer and the sender. Additionally, lots of errors can make it look like you rushed through writing the thank you letter,instead of taking the time to sit down and really think about what you are writing. If you are worried about your editing skills, don’t be afraid to have a friend or family member proofread your thank you note for you!

Rule #7. Close out your sentiments.

When closing out your letter, mention your excitement about the next time you see or talk to the person who sent you the gift. Although you are excited about the gift and thankful for it, closing our your letter with a more personal note about your relationship makes it more about the person you are sending it to rather than just the gift they gave you.

Rule #8. End your letter wisely.

When ending your thank you letter, think long and hard about the relationship that you share with the person receiving the letter. Are they a close friend that you’ve had for years, or are they a coworker who you’ve gotten drinks with a couple of times? You wouldn’t want to say, “Love, Ginger,” “With love” or “All my Best,” if the letter is addressed to someone you aren’t very close to. Instead, say something, like “Warm regards” or “Sincerely.”

Writing a thank you letter is a great way to say thank you for holiday gifts, and if you need to buy envelopes for your thank you letters, you’ve come to the right place. Shop our huge selection of Worcester envelopes online today!