Z1DsQ-26-MailBecause of our dedication to making Worcester Envelopes the highest quality envelopes on the market, we appreciate the high-quality and dedicated craftsmanship that goes into the making of one of the most famous and most beautiful envelopes in the world, the Oscar Winner envelope.  

A Prestigious Envelope for a Prestigious Award

“The envelope please,” is one of the most awaited moments of the year for those in the film industry, and many others. Winning an Oscar is one of the most prestigious awards for those in the arts, and in 2011, it was decided that the envelope should match the prestige of the award that it is announcing.

Marc Friedland’s Inspired Envelopes

Marc Friedland is the Hollywood go-to designer for unique and masterfully crafted stationery items, such as invites to celebrity parties and special events. He was commissioned in 2011 to redesign the Oscar winner envelope, and it is truly a piece of art. Weighing a little more than an iPhone, the envelope is made with layers of paper and card stock, an eighth-of-an-inch thick; the gold leaf-finished satin paper is specially sourced from Germany, and each category and name printed in charcoal ink.

dreamstime_xxl_39308698The envelopes are hand sewn and tailored just right; each handcrafted envelope takes a total of 252 hours to make, and Friedland makes an envelope for each of the 24 Oscar categories and a card every nominee. Each envelope is fastened with a red double-faced satin ribbon and a custom lacquered seal for authenticity. The uniqueness and craftsmanship put into each envelope makes it impossible to duplicate, and making it a true keepsake.

Four days before the big night, Friedland delivers the envelopes and cards for each nominee so nobody ever knows the results before they are announced and are guarded by security especially for them. The extra cards are burned so there are no chances of the results of the event being leaked or the unused cards becoming collectors items.

Worcester Envelopes and Quality

We may not have made the envelopes for the Oscars, but we at Worcester Envelopes Company put just as much care into each envelope we make and each order we fill. Worcester Envelopes are the highest quality envelopes on the market and won’t disappoint. We sell a variety of envelope types and also Flex 8 Printing, E-commerce and logistics services. Contact us today for a quote, and one of our professional consultants will be in touch with you!

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