At Worcester Envelope Company, we know how vital your direct mail marketing is for your business-to-client outreach. We want to share everything we know about today’s marketing trends. So, let’s outline exactly how direct mailing and printed marketing are still relevant in today’s technology and internet driven society.

Why Do It?

Consumers like to know that their money has gone to support good places, for good services, good products, and for a good cause. These tactics establish a personalized connection from your business to your clients and exude meanings beyond the words on the piece of mail. Think of it like when you bring your kids to their friend’s birthday party or when you attend a wedding or baby shower. Some time after the party, you check the mail to find your attendance acknowledged and your gifts appreciated in between the flaps of a little ‘Thank You’ note.

These customs translate to your business. Tell your clients how much their support means to you, how every cent goes into keeping your dreams alive, and thank them for what their money has meant for you.

Is Direct Mail Relevant Today?

Do not be fooled. In specific circumstances, paper is as powerful as the screen. Adreamstime_xxl_30588106 (1)lthough the necessity for online and social media presence for businesses has exponentially increased, so has the need for printed marketing. Today’s generations are overwhelmed with the excess of email offers, Facebook events, business page ‘likes’, etc. The truth is, unique, tangible, printed materials are craved in today’s marketing world. Consumers now specifically look for the tactics that are more personal and more permanent. In a world flocked with screen-dependent interaction, be different. We encourage you to market in a way that is harder for consumers to ignore. Today’s consumers, millennials especially, respond better to the impressions of quality and care because clients are much more likely to ignore every email offer from their mailbox and much more captivated by the personalized, customized, envelope they just picked up from the mailbox. This tactile effort emanates time and attention. Pour your dedication into this conversation with your client. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again- show your clients how much you care!

Worcester Envelope Will Help.

Stand out in today’s vast marketing reality. Take time and put effort into your mail communications and catch your client’s attention with an envelope that speaks for itself. Call us today and we’ll help you connect with your clients.