It takes between 7 to 10 times of seeing or hearing something, and over 20 times of saying it, to remember it. With the rate so high, being able to leave a lasting impression on your customers just got a whole lot harder. While including compelling copy, crisp images, bright colors and other forms of visually interesting content, on your direct mail envelope, your sight isn’t the only sense that you should be speaking to.

There are five senses, right? We all know this. So if we are well aware of this, why is it that we only work on spiking the visual senses? At Worcester Envelope, we have created compelling envelopes that make your direct mail marketing completely different from any other. Here are a few fantastic ways that you can peak all of the senses in your direct mail.


There’s no need to go too in depth with this sense. As we stated before, bright colors, crisp and intriguing images, partnered with copy that keeps your customers interested, helps increase the chances of your mail getting opened. While these are great tactics, we’re going to focus on other senses and how you can stimulate them.


We’ve all received mail that had a nice sample of perfume or shampoo in it. These types of direct mail speak to our smell, which can often close a sale because of the favor we have towards it. But take into consideration, it doesn’t have to be perfume that you use, it could be coffee, snacks, or some other form of delicious smelling product, that you can include in your direct mail.


Texture is extremely memorable and can easily be included into your direct mail marketing. Including samples of your product helps present quality and the product itself while allowing your customer to get their hands on the sample. Throwing in a quick and easy sample can go much further than you’d think.

These are only the top three senses that we see incorporated into direct mail marketing campaign, but there are plenty of ways to add in taste and sound. Check back on our blog to see other unique ways for us to help with your direct mail.