In previous posts, we’ve mentioned how important it is to really narrow in on a target audience for your direct mail. But what if there’s an offer that you want to extend to all? How can you still make the mail you’re sending, personal? At Worcester Envelope Company, we specialize in custom envelopes and other items that allow for you to design and create exactly what you need for a direct mail marketing campaign. This week, we are going to focus on ways that you can extend an offer or special to all of your customers, while still providing just a touch of personalization to the mail.

Sometimes the hardest part of figuring out how to break down this concept is understanding that while a sale may be store wide, people don’t always visit for the store as a whole. For instance, stores that include merchandise for both genders has the ability to target directly to an individual rather than just advertising the sale. This type of information can usually be found in records for people that have loyalty cards or are registered with your store. In these instances, personalizing the envelopes for customers that are interested in these sales will provide more of an interest than it would in individuals that aren’t looking for the product at all.

Another great example for a time that personalizing to your customer really helps is for pet salons or stores. If you are promoting haircuts for pets, it’s better to directly target the type of pet that they have. You have a better chance of someone scheduling an appointment when the direct mail that they’re receiving is targeted towards their pet. While this does peak interest by being specific to your customer, it’s also a sign of interest in your customer; they’re more than just a number.

When you finally decide how you want to personalize your direct mail envelopes to your audience, you can count on Worcester Envelopes to get the job done. Our state of the art technology and years of experience make it easy to accomplish the ideas that you have. Call today and speak with one of our specialists for a quick quote on your project.