Many of us had an album or shoebox of trading cards as a kid. They could have been sports cards, celebrity cards, or something different. In any case, they were fun to go through, sort, display, and even share with friends. Have you ever thought about mailing some of those cards to the athletes/celebrities and asking for an autograph? Maybe you’re thinking, “No big shot athlete or celebrity looks at fan mail anymore, so that would be a complete waste of time.” My, how mistaken you are. Through the mail (TTM) is actually one of the cheapest and easiest ways to obtain an autograph in the hobby today. What all does the process entail? Keep reading as we explain.

Step One: Decide who you want to write to

Just for fun, create a top 10 list of which players, movie stars, singers, and whoever else would be worth sending to in your mind. Before you get carried away, however, be realistic. Chances are that you aren’t going to receive a TTM autograph from LeBron James, Taylor Swift, or Brad Pitt. That’s why it’s imperative to remain realistic. While you may not get many successful returns from big-time stars, you are likely to acquire a pretty decent collection of signatures from well-known athletes and celebrities.

Step Two: Find the addresses

This is typically the step that involves the most work. Why exactly? Well, it’s fairly common for athletes to switch teams every few years. In rare cases do celebrities stay in one home for their entire adult lives. Because of this, it can be challenging to find accurate addresses. Online forums have made things a bit easier in recent years. So which one is best? Give Sports Card Forum a try first. It has an unbelievable database that features athlete/celebrity names and addresses. That’s not the only reason why SCF is so great, though. Those who become a member (which is free) can type in helpful information such as when they sent mail to someone and whether or not it came back signed. Not only will SCF help you find verified addresses, but you can also see who is worth sending to and who is a long shot.

Step Three: Write a letter

So you have your card and address. Now what? This tends to be the most confusing step for collectors. Should you write a page-long letter or keep it to a few sentences? Frankly, the latter is best. All you need to do is introduce yourself and say that you’re a huge fan of the person. Then add a sentence why you are writing to them and politely request an autograph. Most importantly, thank them for their time.

Step Four: Include a SASE

Two envelopes are required in order to successfully send a TTM autograph. The larger one should be addressed to the celebrity, while the smaller one is what’s called a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope. Why the need for two envelopes? Put yourself in the celebrity’s shoes for a moment. You are likely bombarded with fan mail just about every day. Would you really take the time to fill out another envelope on your own and then pay for return postage? Probably not. Once the celebrity opens the larger envelope, they will take out the letter, cards, and smaller envelope. They will probably take no more than about 30 seconds to read what you wrote, sign your card, put it in the SASE, and mail it back.

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