No holiday letter is complete without a photo, and we have plenty of fun holiday photo ideas for you!

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving has come and gone, and it’s that time of the year again. It’s time to send your holiday letter to your friends and family, but no holiday letter is complete without a photo! If you don’t want to include a standard family portrait yet again, you’ve come to the right place. The experts at Worcester Envelope Company have come up with this list of fun and creative ideas for your family holiday photo this year:

#1. Wrap up in lights

Nothing says the holidays quite like Christmas lights do, and just as those lights help to brighten your house and Christmas tree, they can also brighten up your holiday photo! Wrapping up your family in Christmas lights is a fun, unique way to pose for your annual holiday photo.

#2. Have a pajama party

If your family is like most, you probably start your Christmas morning traditions long before anyone actually gets dressed. Embody this Christmas-pajama tradition by posing in pajamas for your holiday photo this year. Not only will this save you from having to fight your kids on wearing frilly dresses or ties, it’s also much cheaper to buy everyone matching pajamas!

#3. Steal ideas from photo booths

Photo booths are now popular additions to every wedding, corporate event and party, and part of the reason why people love them so much is the props they come with. Pose with cardboard props that are perfect for the holidays, such as Santa hats, reindeer antlers, Rudolf’s nose or a bushy, white beard.

#4. Take individual shots

When you are taking photos of a group of  people, it can be incredibly difficult to find one where someone isn’t closing their eyes, looking away from the camera or making a face. Luckily, it’s much easier to find a good shot of everyone when you take individual photos. With a little creativity, you can turn individual photos into a beautiful holiday collage.

#5. Wrap yourself in wrapping paper

The presents under the tree aren’t the only things that you can add holiday cheer to with some wrapping paper! Wrapping paper can also be a great accessory for your holiday photo! Simply wrap yourself and your family up in holiday paper, ribbons and bows for your picture to add a fun, Christmas-filled touch.

#6. Make snow angels.

If you’ve experienced some snow in your area lately, you can use that snow to make your holiday photo stand out. Instead of stuffily standing and posing for your holiday photo, invest in some warm snow gear and have your family make snow angels for your photo!

#7. Write a message with sparklers.

Sparklers are another addition that can take your holiday photo to the next level! Pick a message that you want to spell out with sparklers, and give everyone a sparkler and their own letter to make with it. You may have to practice a few times to get the perfect photo, but it’ll certainly stand out from the bunch.

Holiday photos don’t have to consist of posing in a studio in your holiday best. With a little creativity, you can truly express your personality in your holiday photo this year! Shop our Worcester envelopes today so that you have something to send out your holiday photo and letter in!