As a florist, you’re working in a competitive market where sale really drives your success. While this is the case for every local business, the amount of sales that you get really affects the quality that you’re able to bring to your store. If you’re the owner of a florist that isn’t making many sales, it’s going to be difficult to purchase high quality or unique flowers, and that in turns makes it more difficult to obtain sales down the road. It’s a sick cycle that no one wants to be a part of. In these instances, it’s especially important to have a marketing campaign that separates you from any other competitors in the area. That being said, having unique advertisements and a presence online are important, but one way that you can really take advantage of the potential clients in the surrounding area is through direct mail. Here are a few fun ways that you can get the most out of direct mail marketing while catching the eye of customers.


Let’s start with the outer shell of the mail that you’re sending. Worcester Envelope offers custom envelopes of all sizes, making it really easy to create an envelope that speaks directly to your flower shop. Out state of the art technology makes it possible to print vibrant colors and clear images that will stand out from the standard mail that’s received. This also gives you the added opportunity to make your logo stand out from any other florists around the area.

Fun Touches

Nothing makes direct mail better than fun touches that come with the mail. A great idea for a florist shop are seed packets. These are affordable add-ins that will be sent to people you know have a love for greenery. Once you’ve shared this interest with all potential customers, you can count on standing out from other florists by simply offering a product that is not only of interest, but that is unique for something as standard as direct mail.


If you have customers that you know are sure to return, mailing out direct mail that helps ensure they come back is something that very few places do. For a business like a florist, it seems more difficult to find something that you can send out to your customers. A fantastic idea is featuring a flower each month and sending out information to your customers that you know return on a regular basis.

A successful marketing campaign is one that takes into consideration what the customers are looking for. If you can incorporate features that will keep your clients excited for what’s coming in the mail, you can guarantee that your customers will always come back. Worcester Envelope will always provide you with the highest quality envelopes that you can be certain of providing successful responses.