Direct mail marketing is effective for businesses of all types.

When most people think of direct mail marketing, they think of B2C (business to customer) businesses. As these businesses are customer facing, direct mail marketing totally makes sense because it allows you to send individualized offers and sales to specific customers. However, what many business owners don’t realize is that direct mail marketing can also be effective for B2B businesses. But as you might guess, the direct mail strategy you would use for B2B will look quite a bit different than the strategy you would use for B2C.

How to make direct mail marketing work for your B2B business.

  • Direct mail works best for B2B when you use it later in the sales funnel – For B2B, direct mail is much more effective when you use it to nurture the leads you do have, rather than for generating new leads. Ideally, you’ll be using your digital marketing tools to generate new leads and your mailers to follow up and establish trust with those leads.
  • Gather data for a more personalized approach – When you’re thinking about what to send your audience through the mail, it’s essential to consider the data, including which products or services they are interested in, what they’ve viewed and downloaded on your website, what their needs are and what stage of the sales process they are in. All of this data can be gathered with your digital marketing, and you can use it to take your direct mail campaign to the next level.
  • Group your prospects and tailor your message – Many of your leads probably have things in common. Whether they all looked at the same product or service, or they are all in the same stage of the sales process, you can use these commonalities to make it easier to personalize your mailers. When you can break your target audience into groups, it allows you to create custom mailers for a few different groups instead of for hundreds of individual businesses. This approach makes direct mail marketing easier and more affordable

Direct mail marketing is making a comeback for B2B businesses.

A recent study in the Demand Gen Report found that, although only about 15 percent of B2B business are currently using direct mail in their marketing strategies, many more plan to in the coming year. This is probably because businesses who are currently utilizing direct mail in their marketing strategy say that they get the highest conversion rate with it. One person who responded to the Demand Gen survey even claimed that they enjoyed up to a 15 percent conversion rate with direct mail!

Are you ready to take advantage of direct mail marketing for your B2B business?

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