The way that you seal an envelope says a lot about the parcel inside. From letters to invitations, envelopes hold precious memories, words and events. Sent for miles – across the city, state, county and world – envelopes carry much more than we give them credit for. When you’ve worked hard to plan a wedding or took the time to write a letter by hand. When you have something special that you’re sending in the mail, make sure that you seal your envelope with the perfect touch. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination the next time you seal an envelope.


For one of the classiest and personal ways to seal an envelope, add a sticker. Whether you choose to mail your parcel in a classic white envelope or you use a personalized envelope, a sticker adds an extra touch of flare. Choose from bright patterns to bold solid stickers with monograms on them. Any design you add will make this envelope an extra special one to receive.


Take it back to the original way an envelope was sealed when you use a wax press to seal your letter or invitation. Nothing screams elegance or luxury like a classic wax press that has your initials, name, or company logo in it. Wax seals are rare, making them an extra personal touch to the envelope you’re mailing.


This method is much less conventional, and slightly more time consuming, but beautiful nonetheless. Whether you choose to seal the envelope by licking it or using glue, Once you’ve sealed the envelope, hot glue an item like a small bow, a yarn flower, a bright button or some other type of trinket to the tip of the envelop seal. This adds a unique and fun flare to your piece of mail and is sure to leave an unforgettable impression.

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