In order to make your direct mail campaign a success, you need to learn how to make your mailers stand out.

The average American receives roughly 16 pieces of junk mail per day and a staggering 41 pounds per year. Forty-four percent of that junk mail ends up in the landfill without ever being opened. The last thing that any business owner wants is for their mailers to end up unopened and in a landfill, but in order to avoid this fate, you have to find a way for your mailers to stand out from all of the others. Creativity is a must for businesses with direct mail marketing campaigns, and the experts at Worcester Envelope Company have come up with this list of creative ideas to help you enhance your direct mail marketing campaign:

#1. Personalize your envelopes.

Your envelope isn’t just what you mail your newsletters and ads in; it’s the first impression your readers will get of your business and your direct mail marketing campaign. If you stick with the same boring envelopes every other company uses, your mailers will likely end up in the garbage with all of the rest of the junk mail your readers get. Luckily, here at Worcester Envelope Company, we offer custom printed envelopes that can be personalized for your own unique needs. Whether you’re looking for an envelope made with specialty paper or an envelope that seals with a string, the options are endless with Worcester Envelope Company.

#2. Add souvenirs!

Regardless of who your customers are or what they do for a living, everyone loves to get free stuff. Your mailers are perfect places to include souvenirs because envelopes that are bulky, lumpy or oddly shaped tend to get opened much more frequently than envelopes that only contain letters. Pens, cozies, product samples and magnets are all great examples of wonderful souvenirs for your mailers. Some companies even make pop-up pen holders, cubes, boxes and ornaments that can be expanded and used once open. Regardless of which souvenirs you choose, make sure to put your company name and logo on it!


#3. Simulate a telegram.

Telegrams used to be a very popular mode of communication, but in recent years, they have been replaced by other, much more convenient methods. However, you can use this old fashioned technology to your benefit in your direct mail campaign. Telegram-style envelopes are big, yellow and old-school, but they can also effectively grab the attention of your readers. These envelopes, as well as other envelopes that look official, like manila envelopes or legal sized envelopes, have a much higher open rate than the smaller, business envelope that most direct mail campaigns utilize.

#4. Use real testimonials.

Great customer service and high-quality products and services are what every customer or client is looking for, regardless of what industry you are in. But how do you set yourself apart from your competition when every business claims to be the best? Don’t claim to be the best; let your work speak for itself by including testimonials from real clients in your mailers. Testimonials are essential, but too often they are pushed off to the sidebar of mailers or shunted off to the back of brochures. Be proud of your client testimonials by making them front and center of your mailer. You should also ask your customers and clients if you can include a picture of them in your mailer along with their testimonials. Seeing the kind of results that you provide to real people can go a long way in enhancing your direct mail marketing campaign.

#5. Make it fun.

Your mailer doesn’t have to be all about business! Include something to engage your readers and make it fun, like a crossword puzzle, a fun poem or story, sudoku or even a word search. The longer you can engage your readers with your mailer, the better off your campaign will be.

Sending the same old mailers will only get you the same old results. If you want to get the best results, you may have to get a little creative, and these are just a few ideas that you can run with to add a bit more creativity to your direct mail marketing campaign. Shop with us online today to get the Worcester envelopes you need for your direct mail marketing campaign.