Marketing would be pointless if it didn’t get your customers up and into your business. Whether you’re a local dentist or a nationwide electronic store, your success is driven by the purchases of customers. While flashy television commercials and radio advertisements have their benefits, nothing gets straight to the customer quite like direct mail marketing. One of the biggest benefits of direct mail marketing is that you’re able to customize the package to the demographic that you’re marketing to. Aside from colors and images, one of the most important parts of the envelope that you need to customize and include is your call to action.

As a business owner, and a human, you know that direct mail rarely makes it beyond the envelope. That being said, you have one chance to make an impression, and lucky for you it’s the part that Worcester Envelope contributes to. In our previous posts we’ve mentioned important factors that you should consider implementing when you design your direct mail envelopes. While these factors are all extremely important, one of the biggest parts of a marketing campaign is your call to action.

This should go hand in hand with your goal planning; discovering what you’d like for your customers to do once they’ve opened the mail is the entirety of creating a great call to action. Some examples of great call to actions would be “Schedule An Appointment Today” or “Browse Our New Items Online”. Both of these calls to action get a short message to your client without them having to open the envelope at all.

Another way that you can come up with your call to action is by taking into consideration what it is that you’re mailing your customers. If you’re sending out coupons, a call to action that states “Save Online Today” would be a great way to incorporate the mail inside, and get their attention enough to open it.

Make your marketing campaign successful with one of the oldest methods in the book. At Worcester Envelope Company, you can count on getting personalized envelopes that pinpoint the exact message you need. Don’t wait any longer, speak with one of our specialists today and get an estimate on bulk custom envelopes for your business.