When you first started your business, you initially knew you would need to market your services somehow. You considered personal business cards and personal letterheads, logos, color schemes, and all the essential items needed to establish yourself in the market. Now, it’s time to use those tools to design your personally printed envelopes that will reflect your business and personal branding.

dreamstime_xxl_39308698A business envelope promotes your business in your direct mail marketing campaign. From new product promotions, letters of appreciation, catalog publications, or event announcements, and more, you want your clients to know about the things you have to offer. Creating an envelope for your business can save you money and energy. This alternative allows you to brand your direct mail marketing campaign minus the hassle of handwriting or the fear of boring envelopes. Our customizable options include:

  • additional monogramming and other personalizations
  • uncoated and coated paper options
  • specialty papers, weights, and textures
  • custom 8-color professional printing
  • custom window cut-outs and colors
  • additional opening and closing features

Add a personal  touch to your business mail by customizing your business envelopes. Worcester Envelope Company can help you create envelopes for your business that stand out from the competing pieces of mail. Call us today to discuss your options!