Direct mail marketing doesn’t always have to be in the form of a letter, nor does it always need to be sent in an envelope. At Worcester Envelope we are excited to have an innovative mind with a process that is endlessly creative. Because we know that direct mail marketing isn’t always going to be standard, and quite honestly we’re glad that it won’t be.

One of the tactics that we are a fan of and have seen success with are direct mail postcards. These thicker pieces of paper provide a different texture, format, design and opportunity than direct mail, in every way possible.

While postcards do still provide a great way to send direct mail to your customers, they still have tactics that make and break how successful they are. As the leading envelope manufacturer on the market, we are constantly breaking down walls within the standards of direct mail marketing, but these few rules still ring true.

Too Much Info

Postcards offer a lot less room than the letters we fit in our envelopes, but that doesn’t mean they are less informative. In order to make your postcards successful, finding the perfect balance of information and copy is key. Make sure that your customers are aware of what it is that you’re trying to get across, while still keeping the postcard neat and clean.

Understand Postal Regulations

When you let your design tactics go overboard, you’ll find that all of a sudden you have a postcard that is over designed, too busy and can be distracting. What we sometimes let get past us is what regulations the post office holds and how our design will be affect it. When you create your design, knowing what standards your state or county will disapprove of will save you tremendous amounts of time with having to re-design, and you’ll also end up with a nice clean final product.

Make sure that your direct mail marketing campaign works well with the postcards that you design, by following these tactics. The team at Worcester Envelope will provide you with the extra insight that you need when creating your designing and printing it on our high quality materials.