The envelopes you choose for your direct mail campaign can make all the difference.

When you send your mailers out to everyone on your mailing list, the envelope is the first thing your readers see. If your envelope is standard and boring, there’s a good chance that your mailer will be unceremoniously thrown in the trash before it even gets opened. Sending out mailers that get thrown away immediately is a waste of time and money, but luckily, the experts at Worcester Envelope are here to help. In our last blog, we went over a few things to consider when selecting envelopes for your direct mail marketing campaign. Here are a few more:

#6. Window or Closed Face

It used to be that all business mail was sent in window envelopes and closed face envelopes were used primarily for personal or private mail. However, this trend has been evolving over the years, and you now have the choice between the two. Closed face envelopes are a great option because many people still perceive them as more personal, and they are, therefore, more likely to get opened. However, window envelopes can provide a sneak peak into your mailer, and they also help to save on addressing costs. We suggest you A/B test both options to find the one that works for you.

#7. Hot Spots

The hot spots are the places on the envelope where the readers eyes travel first. Some innate hot spots on business envelopes include the return address and the postage. Your writers and designers can create other hot spots with graphics, involvement devices and enticing copy. When designing your custom business envelopes, be very mindful about using the innate hotspots and creating your own.


#8. Involvement Devices

Involvement devices are elements on your custom printed envelopes that get the readers involved, and they can include peel-off stickers, zip strips, die cuts, etc. These elements can be very important strategically, and they can help to spark curiosity and intrigue in your readers.

#9. Postage

Although the postage may seem like the last thing you have control over, it is one of the hot spots readers will notice first, and it’s important to make the most out of this space. You’re not stuck with boring, standard stamps. In fact, you can create a custom stamp or indicia for your envelopes.

#10. Return Address

Another hot spot to make the most out of is the return address. People will often look at the return address before they open an envelope because it tells them who it’s from and helps them determine if they want to open it or not. Be mindful about what you include in this section, and make sure you treat it like an essential strategic element in your campaign.

Business envelopes don’t have to be plain or boring, and being more strategic with your envelopes is a great way to enhance your direct mail marketing campaign. Shop with us at Worcester Envelope Company today to find the right custom business envelopes, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns.