Most of us get a mail every day, whether it’s a bill or a handwritten letter, our mailboxes are almost always stuffed. These paper pieces that we see everyday didn’t always look the way that they do now. In fact, envelopes might go back way further than you think. At Worcester Envelopes, we create customized envelopes to provide you with everything that you could possibly need out of an envelope. While we make it easy for you to send things off in beautiful envelopes, we want to provide you with just a small glimpse into the journey that the envelopes gone through.

The paper envelopes that we’ve all become familiar with are not the first ones ever created. Envelopes date as far back as 3500 to 3200 B.C. Obviously these envelopes were not made from paper, as it hadn’t been created yet, in fact these envelopes were made from quite the opposite of the light paper we know today.

The first envelopes were made in ancient Middle East out of hollow, clay spheres. These spheres were then molded around tokens and other items that were exchanged in private interactions and transactions. These envelopes were discovered in 1901 by Jacques de Morgan.

From there, paper envelopes were developed. In the early 2nd century BC, China developed paper envelopes that were used to store money and to give gifts.  These handmade envelopes required a craftsmanship unlike any other. Because the transactions were so important, it was necessary to have these envelopes made from quality materials in a manner that would hold the money safely inside.

The custom envelopes that you mail out for your business make a huge difference to the income that you bring in. While they may not be made from thick clay, craftsmanship is still extremely important. When you’re in need of custom envelopes for your business, you need to trust the best, and Worcester Envelopes is just that. Order your custom printed envelopes today.