In order to have a direct mail marketing campaign succeed, the goal will always be ensuring that your direct mail is being opened by the individuals that you’re targeting. At Worcester Envelope, we do our best to provide you with personalized envelopes that will catch the eye of your customers by implementing your marketing campaign as best as possible. While a catchy, personalized envelope is certainly a great first step, there are many other factors that go into the likelihood of people opening your mail. One of the determining factors is when you decide to start your direct mail campaign. Here are a few of the things to consider when it comes to starting your direct mail campaign.

Avoid the Holidays

The holidays are a busy and stressful time. From the decorations, gift wrapping, meal preparation and guests that are in town, it never feels like there’s any down time. This specific energy is why sending direct mail during the holidays is a bad idea. While your customers may be looking to buy around this time, this is not the season that time is readily available. It’s also incredibly difficult to compete with the influx of mail that comes when you include the coupons and catalogs along with the holiday cards.

Calmer Seasons

Going off the last point, summer is one of the best times to be incorporating a direct mail campaign because of how much more time there is. For individuals with families, the summer is a time of relaxation where school and after school activities are less of a priority. Because the amount of free time increases during the summer, the chances of customers not only taking the time to open and read your direct mail, but to also go in and either sign up for your service, buy your product or schedule an appointment. The fact that conversion rates go up makes this season even more successful as a direct mail marketing season.

Pair With a Deal

For the times that you’re sending out direct mail that aren’t especially low key seasons like summer, you still need a way to get these individuals into your establishment. For that reason, we suggest that you make sure to consider when you’re mailing out these personalized envelopes. If you schedule your direct mail campaign around other promotions and offers that are going on in your store, you’re more likely to get conversions out of the individuals that do open your direct mail.

An important thing to remember, regardless of when you decide to start pushing your direct mail marketing campaign, is that it takes at least six impressions for a someone to remember it is what they’re reading. That means that it will take at least six times of seeing your brand, offer or information before these individuals become customers. That being said, one attempt at a direct mail marketing campaign will not be enough to turn these impressions into conversions. Continue to send out these campaigns by purchasing bulk envelopes and being prepared to follow through with multiple direct mail campaigns with the high quality envelopes at Worcester Envelope.