In the past few posts we’ve broken down the ways that you can make your direct mail more appealing. From the personal touches that you can add to the mail inside, to the customized final touches you add on the envelope, the end goal is to make your envelope as appealing as possible. Not only do these tactics improve the chances of your customers opening the direct mail, they allow for you to stand out against your competitors. While we’ve covered quite a bit of ground in regards to what works in regards to getting your mail to stand out, there’s still more tips and tricks that we’ve got up our sleeve.

Now that you’ve created the most suitable mail for your customer, it’s time of you to really make the mail inside pop with an envelope that emphasizes the benefits of the mail. There are a variety of reasons that doing this can make your better, the primary one being that it does make the message inside even more appealing.

One of the examples that we use are coupons. These are one of the more common things that we businesses including in the direct mail that they send to their customers. This drives traffic to your business, while saving them money. Because of the benefits of these types of offers, it’s important that your customers not only get the mail, but open it.

In one of the prior posts, we talked about catchphrases that incorporate the mail inside and increase the chances of your mail being opened. Some of the same methods that we talked about in that post will work in this instance as well. A great example includes using a phrase like “Great Offers Inside” on your envelope. Another common phrase that people see is “For A Limited Time Only” that also helps boosts the chances of envelopes being opened, and quickly.

Benefit your customers and your business when you design the envelopes for your businesses direct mail. Worcester Envelopes has the technology, knowledge and skills that you need to make this a reality. Call today and ask for an estimate on our quality custom envelopes.