At Worcester Envelopes, we know that success can be found with direct mail marketing tactics, but that doesn’t mean that every business has seen it. There are a few reasons that businesses don’t see success; from throwing a plan together to simply not doing research, a marketing tactic that is deemed outdated isn’t being understood. The biggest mistake that you could make with your direct mail marketing is something so simple, that it’s tragic direct mail is getting a bad rep at all.

With the amount of methods that we are able to market and advertise with these days, people have lost sight of what truly makes a marketing campaign successful. The biggest mistake that is made during direct mail campaigns is that it isn’t targeted anywhere, and is then faulted with a waste of money for no results. The truth is, when we advertise on any form of medium, we need to have some sort of demographic. Sending direct mail to someone that isn’t going to benefit from the offer inside is the equivalent of advertising on a billboard in a town you don’t serve: it benefits no one.

We’ve talked about the importance of knowing your audience in a previous post and really broken down examples of how you could do this. The truth is that figuring this out isn’t as tedious as it sounds, in fact, you already have some of the information. Start by considering who the demographic for your business is as a whole. Chances are that you have already selected a certain age group, gender or service area that you are targeting. From here, you can break down who the mail that you’re sending out is directed at. Are you sending out coupons for student deals at your restaurant? While your service may benefit all, the offer is directed primarily at students, so it doesn’t make sense to send it to individuals you know are senior citizens.

If you’re having a hard time breaking this down, one of the best ways to find out who you’re targeting is to think about who is going to bring this coupon back into your store. Let’s say you mail an offer for a free maintenance check on 4×4 vehicles to all of the cars that you’ve serviced in a year. The only ones that are going to bring this offer back into your store are the ones with 4×4 vehicles. Therefore, you can save yourself money and gain conversions by mailing this offer only to the individuals that will find it suiting for their situation. This is basically back tracking the prior thought, but works better for some individuals.

Taking the time to figure out who is going to make the most out of your direct mail marketing campaign is the one mistake that can make or break your direct mail campaign. Once you’ve figured out who is actually going to take advantage of what you’re mailing, the rest of the campaign becomes easy to create. After you’ve discovered all of this, you can count on Worcester Envelope to create the custom envelope that you envisioned. We are the elite envelope manufacturer in the nation, trust the best with your marketing.