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While traditional 8 X 11 paper fits in our envelopes, there are many surprising things you can send in the mail!

What you can’t send…?

Old-fashioned, or traditional mail, is always a lovely, tactile thing to receive — especially when it’s unexpected. While the United States Post Office has a list of standard and prohibited items that includes things like:

  • Alcohol
  • Irreplaceable Items (don’t send a Monet art piece, please!)
  • Human corpses
  • Explosives
  • Firearms
  • Endangered animals
  • Porn
  • Hazardous goods

What can you send?

The USPS list is quite extensive, but you can actually get away with a lot! Here are some very unique items that people have received!

A flip flop

This notorious package was sent alone and by itself. There was no box, just a flip flop in the mail! We have questions, though. Was the flip flop new or used? Was its mate sent to someone else? Was it a nice flip flop that someone could wear? Was it sent by a serial killer, because they send questionable things in the mail — Silence of the Lambs, anyone?

A coconut

Presently, there is a company in Hawaii that sends coconuts for you in the mail, but that’s not the origins. The business sends out about 3,000 coconuts a year, to over 700 foreign countries! But, somewhere, somehow someone sent a coconut, and read the USPS list very carefully. You’re not allowed to send perishable food items, so a coconut was mailed!

We wonder how many stamps that takes? 20? Also, how do you get a stamp to stick to a coconut? They’re hairy and round, you know!

A rock

Sending a rock in the mail is a thing! Many people send rocks with googly eyes with the sentiment “you rock.” Enough said.

A brick

When you send a brick, you may be sending mixed messages. When we think of bricks, we think of mob stories and some poor person who ended at the bottom of the hudson! It costs about $10.00 to mail a standard brick, so if you need to send a message…

A frisbee

On a lighter note, you can send a frisbee! This would be a unique and creative birthday invitation, or an invite to your summer bar-b-que. Even better, have them RSVP with another one!  

A playground ball

Send your childhood friend a piece of nostalgia with a playground ball that you used to play foursquare with, you know, back when kids actually played outside! Make it even more fun, by not putting a return address: the mystique!

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