When you hear the words direct mail, your mind will usually go right to the standard envelope with a letter inside, am I right? This predisposition of what direct mail looks like is what usually keeps business owners from investing into this specific type of marketing. If you’re finally opening up to the idea of direct mail marketing and the benefits that you could see from it, then it’s time you learn more about the different forms that direct mail marketing can take so that you can begin forming your campaign based upon the specific form of direct mail that suits your business best. Here are just a few of the types of direct mail that you can choose from.


This form of direct mail marketing is quickly gaining speed and popularity for an array of businesses. Not only is this method of direct mail extremely cost effective, but it also leaves a bit of room for you to add design, offers, information and more when you create the overall layout. These are also fantastic ways to send thank you cards, appointment reminders, special offers or even use as a business card. Consider the amount of space and efficiency that other forms of direct mail marketing don’t offer.


For online or brick and mortar businesses, catalogs are a great way to reach out to customers and give them a glimpse of the new or up and coming products. While this form of direct mail marketing is more expensive to print, this also leaves the option open for your customers to purchase directly from the catalog. Including coupons or dates for offers that will be in store also helps drive traffic to the physical location of your business. In this instance, you need consider what the price of driving traffic to your business is really worth.


While these are one of the older forms of direct mail marketing, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t efficient. In the times that you need to share more than a quick bit of information with a client, letters are a great way to convey your message. The trick in this is how you get them to open your direct mail. If you’re going to invest money into a campaign, you better make sure that it’s one that will at least get opened. Make sure that the envelopes you send your letters in eye catching, intriguing and downright unique by getting personalized envelopes for you business made by Worcester Envelope Company.

Don’t let standard mail make your marketing campaign an unsuccessful one. Step outside the box and create an idea that is sure to keep your customers interested long enough to at least see what it is that you’re offering, and hopefully make a purchase. Browse our selection of envelopes and find ones that will fit perfectly and allow for us to then make your marketing campaign dreams, a reality. You can count on our expertise and our high quality tools to create a one of a kind envelope for you to use with your campaign.