As a restaurant owner, you’re forced to be digitally savvy. Sure, you may have the best food and atmosphere on the planet. But you can’t just rely on word of mouth to succeed in today’s world. Marketing should be at the forefront of your day-to-day efforts. There’s no shortage of what you can do, either. From investing in Google Adwords to ramping up a search engine optimization strategy, you want customers to be able to find your restaurant. A large percentage of restaurant owners continue to put marketing dollars toward email marketing. But with consumers’ email inboxes becoming more and more flooded, direct mail tactics remain incredibly useful. The reality is that you can’t capture email addresses for every person who walks through your door. On the other hand, you can send a mailer to just about everyone within your delivery area. Direct mail helps build brand awareness, improve consideration, and drive more traffic to your food joint. Keep reading for three tips to make your direct mail marketing campaign a success.

  1. Provide value – Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes for a moment. After a long day, you come home to a full mailbox. The last thing you want is to spend your few minutes of free time on looking through junk mail. So you speed through the pile, discarding anything that’s not of interest and only keeping what’s important. Here’s the thing though: Direct mail allows you to reach customers in a very tangible manner. That’s why it’s imperative to offer some sort of value with the mailer. It could be something as small as 10 percent off their first order or a coupon for free delivery. You can even take it a step further by including your restaurant’s postcard, menu, or magnet. Similar to other forms of marketing, you want your brand to be top of mind as much as possible.
  2. Overhaul your website – Many restaurants do just fine by relying on referrals alone. But that time will eventually come to an end. If your restaurant doesn’t have a website yet, make one. It should include a menu and reviews at the very least. For SEO purposes, do what you can to help your website rank. This means doing everything from blogging to building pages on a regular basis. You may be thinking, “How does my website relate to a direct mail marketing campaign.” It’s actually pretty simple. Those who receive your restaurant’s mailer will want to check out your website before they visit or place an order. So take some time in creating a website that looks good and functions accordingly. Don’t forget to include information on how customers can find you – both online and in the neighborhood. Of course, what good what a restaurant’s website be if it didn’t have any images of the food? Make sure that you throw on some high-quality photos and thoughtful food descriptions. Lastly, enable online ordering for hungry customers who like what they see.
  3. Track your efforts – Look at direct mail as an investment. While you would love if every person you sent to became a customer, it’s not a realistic expectation. First, determine a budget that makes sense for direct mail campaigns. Then begin tracking results so you know direct mail is even working. It’s no question that tracking direct mail marketing ideas can be a challenge. If you are mailing out coupons, come up with a system in which your staff collects them at the time of purchase. If you’re using online coupon codes, track how many times customers cash in on those discounts. Another good idea is to have cards inside the restaurant that ask how the customer found it. Hopefully, you find that a good number of folks came in after receiving your mailer. Use whatever data you find to track which orders can be attributed to your direct mail campaign and optimize future ones accordingly.

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