More so than ever before, HVAC companies seem to pop out of nowhere. No longer can your business continue to thrive on referrals alone. Other HVAC companies are trying to get ahead of the game by investing in Google Adwords and search engine optimization strategies. They’re using social media to engage with customers on a daily basis. Some are even going so far as to completely overhaul their websites. That said, direct mail remains among the most cost-effective and targeted marketing solutions in the industry. Many folks make the mistake of thinking that direct mail marketing ideas are obsolete. But that isn’t true. MediaGistic cites the Direct Marketing Association’s finding that every dollar spent on print marketing can generate nearly $13 in sales. On top of that, a recent Gallup poll showed that 41 percent of adults look forward to checking their mail every day. Keep reading to learn how your HVAC company can create a successful direct mail campaign.

  1. Personalize your message – Take a moment to think of all the junk mail your prospects receive on a daily basis. Do you honestly think that an impersonal direct mail blast will lead to a flood of leads? Probably not. So avoid sending that mailer featuring discounted A/C tune-ups to apartment residents. Once you have a targeted group established, it’s time to personalize your materials. If possible, use the recipient’s name and a real stamp as opposed to a meter mark for better responses. These little things matter when it comes to direct mail marketing.
  2. Keep your brand message consistent – It does no good to always have direct mail selling a product or service. After all, recipients are constantly bombarded with enough sales pitches via email, TV, radio, social media, billboards, etc. Why add to that frustration when you don’t have to? Feel free to mix things up with appointment reminders, thank you notes, surveys, and newsletters. What’s important here is that you send a consistent message and not dwell on sales. Here’s a good example: It’s the end of summer and you want to drum up business for heater maintenance before cold weather hits. Rather than take a salesy approach with the direct mail, you could offer a few tips for folks as they determine whether or not it makes sense to have their system looked at. Remember that customers should immediately associate the name of your company with savings, quality, service, and your specific brand message.
  3. Look at multi-channel opportunities – Keep in mind that a low response rate to an untested direct mail campaign costs much more than wasted postage and envelopes. Before launching a campaign, try testing about five percent of your mailing list. As far as other approaches are concerned, be mindful of multi-channel strategies. Do whatever possible to test call to actions that use various combinations of platforms and landing pages to see which yield the best results. Direct Marketing News confirms that businesses can increase direct mail response rate as much as 35 percent with a well-run multi-channel approach.

About Our Direct Mail Solutions

In 1983, Worcester Envelope Company was incorporated for the “purpose of manufacturing and selling paper goods, stationery, and paper handling machinery.” There’s no question that things in the industry have changed over the last 125 years. Our mission, however, has yet to waver. Worcester Envelope Company continues to bring direct mail marketing ideas to life. We believe that an envelope is not just an envelope when you’re trying to build your brand and grow your business. The direct mail envelopes you use are the first things your readers see. Taking it a step further, the quality of the envelope either spurs your readers to open the mailer or throw it away without ever opening it.

Our team at Worcester Envelope Company knows that when you want results with a direct mail marketing campaign, you need an envelope that is going to hold their attention and demand to be opened. As you begin your preparation for direct mail marketing, have you thought about what kind of envelope makes the most sense? We offer thousands of innovative and custom printed designs to fit your specific needs. Rest assured that Worcester envelopes won’t just “fit in” with the other items in your recipients’ piles of mail. When you’re ready to get the return on investment that you’ve built into your campaign, then it’s time to turn to Worcester Envelope Company.

From direct mail printing to other direct mail services, we have just what you need to grow your HVAC client base. It’s time to make your first impression a great one. Worcester Envelope Company will ensure that your message is received, opened, and acted on.

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