Does your direct mail campaign drive your readers to action?

At the end of the day, your direct mail campaign is designed to help you make a sale or get your readers to sign up for a service. If you aren’t driving your readers to some action or another in your campaign, then you’re missing out and, frankly, wasting your hard earned marketing dollars. But how do you compel your readers to act? The experts at Worcester Envelope Company have come up with this guide to help:

Include a call to action in each and every mailer.

Every mailer you send out has to have a call to action (CTA) that leads your reader to take a specific action. Not only are CTAs important for compelling your readers to take action, they are also essential for tracking the success of your campaign. If your readers never take action, how do you know that they aren’t unceremoniously throwing your mailers in the trash the moment they look at them? CTAs are essential, and you shouldn’t send a single mailer without one. However, not all CTAs are made equal. Here are a few components that are critical to a successful CTA:

  • Direction – Your CTA needs to tell your readers exactly what you would like them to do, whether it be to bring a coupon into your store to take advantage of a sale or to sign up for a service on your website.
  • Visibility – CTAs are arguably the most essential aspect of your campaign, and that means that they need to be prominent. Don’t be afraid to make your CTA large and in charge.
  • Immediacy – Your CTA should compel your readers to action now, not in six months from now, and in order to accomplish this, it’s important to create a sense of urgency. One of the best ways to create urgency is to set a time limit for accepting your offer. If your offer expires in a week or a month, your audience will be much more likely to call right away than if it is available indefinitely.
  • Verbiage – The words you choose in your CTA are incredibly important, and you should never beat around the bush with a passive or indecisive voice. Instead, use words that are assertive and command action.
  • Value – In order to compel your readers to action, you have to offer them value. When coming up with a CTA, always put yourself in your readers’ shoes and think about what would add value to your own life and compel you to take action.

Make your CTAs even more effective by making them personal.

In a previous blog, we went over the importance of making your direct campaign personal, as well as a few strategies you can employ to accomplish more personal direct mail marketing campaigns. However, making it personal should go beyond addressing your readers by their actual names rather than just “dear reader.” In fact, if you take steps to create more personal CTAs, you’ll also create more effective CTAs.

One of the easiest ways to personalize your CTAs is by creating personalized URLs for your readers to claim offers in your mailers. Instead of telling your readers to visit a general web page and enter their coupon code, send them to a web page with a message specifically for them.  For example, say that your reader is Susan Jones. Create a personalized URL, like this /susan-jones-redeem-offer, where she can claim her offer. Not only will this help to improve the effectiveness of your CTAs and, therefore, your campaign, but it will also give you increased data for individual customers, like how long it took them to redeem the offer, how much time they spent on your site, etc.

No direct mail marketing campaign is complete without a CTA.

The entire point of a direct mail marketing campaign is to compel your readers to take some sort of action, and you can’t do that without a CTA. At Worcester Envelope Company, we offer custom printed envelopes that allow you to feature your CTAs anywhere and everywhere you see fit. Make the most out of your CTA and your direct mail campaign by shopping our business envelopes online today.