Writing letters is a meaningful way to communicate with your friends and family, and believe it or not, it comes with many benefits!

When your friends, family and even casual acquaintances can see and hear about your day by simply looking at your timeline on Facebook or Twitter, writing letters can seem like a waste of your time. However, the benefits of letter writing make it worth your time, and with Worcester Envelope on your side, you’ll have the custom printed envelopes you need to make your letters even more personal! To learn about the benefits of writing letters that we’ve already gone over, please check out our last blog. Here are the last couple of benefits you can enjoy when you start writing letters to your friends and family:

#9. Handwriting Skills

Once you graduate, there are fewer and fewer reasons to write by hand. Handwriting is like any other skill; if you don’t use it, you lose it. If you are like many adults, you may not even be able to read your handwriting anymore! Writing letters can help to preserve and improve your handwriting skills.

#10. Strong Relationships

Whether your friends and family live down the road or in another country, writing letters is a wonderful way to stay connected. Many people use social media to stay connected, and while you may be able to chat with someone online, writing letters can help you express yourself in a much deeper way, which will lead to stronger, more meaningful relationships.

Start experiencing the benefits of writing letters for yourself, and order your custom printed envelopes with us here at Worcester Envelope Company today!