It takes time and energy to write letters, but the many benefits of letter writing make it worth it!

Many of us have such busy schedules that we end up eating dinner standing over the kitchen sink, and it’s not easy to find time in your schedule to sit down and write letters to your friends and family. However, making time for writing letters is very important, and it comes with many benefits. Check out our previous blog to learn about the benefits of letter writing that we’ve already covered, and keep reading to learn more:

#3. Happy Thoughts

One of the best excuses for sending a letter is to say thank you. Making a habit out of expressing your gratitude regularly through thank you notes will make you feel great. People who are more grateful tend to feel happier and more satisfied, and expressing gratitude can decrease depressive symptoms in people who suffer from depression.

#4. Set Yourself Apart

It’s not always easy to keep up with the latest trends and still set yourself apart now-a-days. Even your most well-researched and articulate Facebook post is just a one of the millions that your friends will read. Letter writing is a great way to express yourself in a truly unique and individual way.

Although we’ve gone over several of the benefits of writing letters, there are many more that we haven’t had time to cover. Please stay tuned for our next blog to learn about more of the benefits of writing letters, and shop with us online today at Worcester Envelope Company to order your own custom printed envelopes.