Have your children written their letters to Santa yet?

In our previous blog, we talked all about the long-standing tradition of writing letters to Santa Claus, and if you’ve had a chance to read it, then you already know that children all over the world have been writing letters to Santa since the early 1800s. Today, email, text messaging and instant messaging have largely replaced letter writing, but here at Worcester Envelope Company, we believe that this incredible Christmas tradition is worth keeping alive. The following is a list of the many benefits of encouraging your child to send a letter to jolly old Saint Nick this year:

#1. It creates lasting memories.

Christmas is such a special time of the year because of all of the amazing family time, as well as the memories that come from that family time. There’s a reason why the decorations on the tree that were made by your children become much more important to you than even the pricier decorations you’ve bought over the years; they actually mean something! The same goes for letters written to Santa Claus from your children. They make incredible keepsakes, and years later, when your kids are grown and they have children of their own, you will love looking back on their youthful Christmas wishes.

#2. It encourages imagination.

Although imagination hasn’t always been considered all that important, today, we know that it is essential for childhood development in a number of ways. Imagination is important for everything from learning how to creatively solve problems to developing language and vocabulary skills. It takes a level of imagination just for your child to believe in Santa at all, and by encouraging your child to sit down and write a letter to Santa, you are also encouraging them to use their imagination and creativity.

#3. It helps you get to know your kids on another level.

In the eyes of many children, parents are authority figures, whereas Santa is a jolly old man who brings presents to kids who have behaved on Christmas morning. Who would you trust more with your deepest wishes and thoughts? Sometimes, children are much more comfortable sharing with Santa and other friendly figures than they are with their own parents, and encouraging your child to write a letter to Santa may just help you get to know them on another level.

#4. It’s fun!

The entire Christmas season is about giving, family togetherness and, of course, fun. Decorating the tree, putting the lights up, wrapping presents, baking Christmas cookies and taking your annual holiday photo are all fun traditions that many families take part in every Christmas, and sitting down with your kids and writing a letter to Santa is another holiday tradition that you will love adding to your list. Whether your child’s letter is long and detailed or short and sweet, you’ll love taking the time to help your child compose a letter of their deepest Christmas wishes to Santa.

#5. It will help you get your kids exactly what they want.

When you get your child a gift, you want them to love it! Almost nothing compares to the joy of seeing the look on your child’s face when they tear open the wrapping paper to find exactly what they wished for on Christmas morning. However, not all kids are upfront with their parents about what they want for Christmas, because they believe that the big man in the North Pole will get them the gifts they wish for. Encouraging your child to write a letter to Santa will give you insight into exactly what they want and why they’ve been behaving like a Saint all year long. Not only will this enhance your child’s Christmas, but it will make your Christmas shopping a whole lot easier.

As you can see, there are many reasons to encourage your child to keep the tradition alive by writing to Santa Claus this year, and the list goes on and on. Whatever your reason may be for encouraging your child to write to Santa this, you’ll need an envelope to mail it in! Here at Worcester Envelope Company, we offer custom printed envelopes that are perfect for sending letters to Santa. Order yours today!