Direct mail marketing is outdated and it doesn’t work. This is the common belief of too many businesses that choose to invest their money in other forms of marketing. If the two excuses above aren’t the reason that businesses aren’t choosing to invest, the cost of printing is sure to be the one they fall back on. There are excuses for every form of marketing, and we understand that no one medium for marketing is going to be a good fit for all, but the reputation that direct mail takes is much too serious of a blow, especially when the reason that most marketing campaigns don’t see a difference is simple.

As a dentist, you know that brushing your teeth once will not keep your teeth safe from cavities. As a personal trainer, you know that one session of training will not get you to your end goal. As an auto shop, you know that one tire is not going to get a car anywhere. So why would it make sense that one effort of direct mail marketing would be enough to achieve the goals of an entire marketing campaign?

We get it, printing is expensive and creating customized letters, postcards and envelopes takes much longer than simply sending out an email or putting a sign out front your location. So the solution for this instance is trying direct mail more than once. Now, we aren’t saying that you need to do it back to back. Give yourself sometime to see the effects of the first direct mail campaign, record the data, and then go back at it. This allows for time to save up the funds, to see the benefits of this form of marketing and to create new content for your direct mail.

Another aspect to take into consideration is the amount of time that it takes for any form of marketing to take affect. As a society we are always pushing for instant results, and unfortunately that will never be the case with marketing. While you may see an increase in sales or appointments, realistically it takes time for results to show, and that’s simply because it takes time to build a foundation in regards to marketing.
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