If it’s the mail inside that really matters, why is it that we spend most of our time focused on the envelope? This question is one that we hear from plenty of people that are just beginning their direct mail campaign, and we see where they’re coming from. When the offer or information inside is what’s going to really drive the sale, what gives with always emphasizing the importance of brainstorming for the envelope?  

If we’re being honest, we’ve all been there: bringing in the mail and automatically knowing which mail is going in the trash. We quickly distinguish what we want to open, read and follow through with, versus what we want in the trash as soon as possible. A prime example of this is how quickly you can separate personal mail from junk mail, and even then, knowing which companies direct mail we want to open. Some companies get the job done by sending coupons within their magazines, so that customers not only get great offers that they are already expecting, but are getting a glimpse of the merchandise at the same time.

These are examples of how the mail that will drive sales needs to be executed in a way that catches the eye and gets the customer opening the mail. Because not every business can mail their offers or information in a catalog, we know that customized and unique envelopes are necessary for these campaigns to be successful.

The best part is that there are so many ways to achieve the curiosity it takes to get your envelope opened. From shapes to colors to sizes, you are able to choose so many factors of your envelope to ensure that it spike’s curiosity. Take into consideration what types of images that you want to print on it, what types of fonts you want typed across and what shapes that will stick out among the pile of mail.

Don’t let your direct mail get tossed. Ensure that every offer and bit of information that you send out to your clients is wrapped in an envelope that will catch the attention of your target market and have them even more excited for what’s inside. It’s a fact that we are more likely to follow through with a purchase, attendance or appointment when they’re excited for it, so give them something to wonder about and trust Worcester Envelope to make it a possibility.