direct mailAs a business you are constantly competing with other businesses for customers. Unfortunately, that’s not where the competition ends. The marketing campaign that your business creates will seem foolproof, and it may be, but at the end of the day it will always be competing with the other forms of mail that your clientele receive. At Worcester Envelope, we create custom printed envelopes for you to use in your marketing campaign, so we know what it is that we stand against. If you are just starting a direct mail marketing campaign for the first time, you may not know what forms of mail you have to stand against. Here are the primary parcels that your clients will see on a daily basis.

103.5 billion people receive standard mail and periodicals on a daily basis, excluding Sunday of course. Your mail carrier will deliver mail from hundreds of thousands of businesses including banks, schools, restaurants, stores and more. 17.3 percent of this mail will be built up of flyers and circulars, 4.3 percent will be magazines and newsletters that your customer has subscribed to, 14.5 percent will be catalogs from stores, 7.1 will be postcards, 2.3 will be nonprofit, 3.8 will be donation requests, and 23.1 percent will be direct mail. That means that on a regular basis you are not only competing with 100 percent of the other mail in your customer’s mailbox, but primarily at least another 23 percent of direct mail.

Standard mail, however, isn’t the only form of mail that your customers may be receiving.

95.9 billion people receive first-class mail on a daily basis. Of these forms of first-class mail, 12.5 percent will be bills, invoices and premiums, which are all guaranteed to be opened. 8.1 percent will be advertising, which is where you and your direct mail comes in. 4.7 percent will be financial statements, 2.1 percent will be invitations or announcements, 2.1 percent will notices of order, .9 percent will be insurance policies and 3.8 percent will be personal mail. Of the 31.4 percent of mail that is first-class from an agency, your piece of mail will be competing with 8 percent.

When you consider how much mail your client receives within a week, think the week you send your direct mail, you are competing with an even higher percentage. The chances of having your direct mail read are extremely competitive if you aren’t purposefully working towards creating an envelope that is going to hold the attention of your customers.

Worcester Envelope wants to provide you with the high quality materials and service that it takes to create a one of a kind envelope for your direct mail marketing campaign. When a company has the drive to succeed, the desire to leave an impression on a customer is great. Once you’ve designed your direct mail, we will do anything in our power to make it happen. Stand out from the crowd by working with Worcester Envelope!