Direct Mail Marketing allows businesses to connect with customers. Worcester Envelope Company knows how vital these interactions are for your outreach success so we offer many ways to personalize your business envelopes:

  • Uncoated Papers
  • Coated Papers
  • Specialty Papers
  • 8-color custom printing
  • Multiple windows and designs
  • Opening/closing options
  • Custom packaging

We also offer innovative, interactive envelope personalizations that go beyond our list of customizing options.

  • Peek-a-Boo

We are able to manufacture colored patches that are placed inside of the envelope. When the customer lifts the perforated panel embedded into the envelope, your message or offer is revealed! Not only is this a unique idea to incorporate into your direct mail marketing, but it’s interactive! With this tactic, you’ve already caught the attention of your customer while also getting them to interact with the mail that you’ve sent

  • String

Resembling dental floss, this string opening offers a new way for your customers to open your mail. We apply this to the inside of the envelope and allows for a sleek, easy way to open your envelopes. This string can be applied to either side of the envelope on sizes ranging from a 3” x 5” to a 7” x 12”.

These small changes help bring you closer to your customers, but interactive envelopes have proven to show higher response rates. When we only have seconds to engage with our customers make them count! Speak with us today about our offers at Worcester Envelope Company!