Designing the right, custom printed envelopes can make all of the difference in your direct mail marketing campaign.

If you’ve read many of our previous blogs, then you’re probably sick of us talking about how the envelopes you choose can make or break your direct mail marketing campaign, but the thing is, we just can’t stress how important having the right envelopes is. The wrong envelopes can leave you with a lower open rate, not to mention a lower return on your investment in direct mail marketing, but the right envelope can make all the difference. Here are some tried and true techniques to consider when designing your custom printed envelopes:

#1. Make your message loud and clear.

You have one chance to entice your audience to actually open the envelope and read what you have to say inside, and it’s the teaser copy that’s located on the front of your business envelopes. Not only should you ensure that your teaser copy in itself makes your audience want to open your mailers, you should also make your teaser copy count by making it big, bold and impossible to ignore.

#2. Make it personal.

When it comes to direct mail marketing, one of the more powerful weapons that you have in your arsenal is personalization. While it’s always a good idea to include your reader’s name, you can personalize almost everything about your envelopes, from the font of the text to the images and colors used. You can even reference past purchases or donations.

#3. Make it eye-catching.

Your direct mail envelopes should not be designed in five minutes using Paint. You need professional-quality graphic design if you want your mailer to catch the eye and be effective. When your readers are sifting through a pile a mail, it’s imperative that your mailers stand out, and the design on your envelope can make it happen.

#4. Make any deadlines clearly defined.

Deadlines can produce action, so if you’re advertising an event for a specific period of time, such as a sale, class, show, etc., put that information directly on your envelope. This will help to keep your mailer from being thrown in the “later” pile of mail, where it will likely be forgotten about until it’s too late for your reader to act on your message.

#5. Make it pop by using real stamps.

Did you know that you can get bulk stamps that remarkably¬†resemble the same stamps you can get in a grocery store or post office for about the same price as indicia? And what’s more is that you could potentially see up to a 15 percent increase in your open rate by using real stamps instead of indicia. Plus, with so many different stamp designs to choose from, you could even use the stamp design to enhance the overall design of your direct mail envelopes.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the right envelope can make all the difference in your direct mail marketing campaign. Take the first steps towards finding the right envelopes for your campaign by contacting us at Worcester Envelope Company today about our custom printed envelopes.